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Are you looking for a new (Netflix) series to binge watch? One that is not too difficult, but recognizable, which season 4 is in the making and a series that you can watch alone? This is it.

I love Workin' Moms. Yes, I found recognition, but fortunately in many cases not and that is perhaps so nice about it. You see situations that are hilarious - could happen - and of which you are glad that you are not in the middle of it yourself. If you are a mother and you work, you know how big the splits can be. We can be very long-winded and difficult about that, but it is true.

Do you have small children? To look! Have you had small children? Be sure to watch, because then you can feel happy that the kids are a bit older again. Although that one teenage daughter... horror. Don't have kids? Even then it's just nice, it looks nice after a busy working day.

In short: are you looking for a bit of entertainment - with a big wink to mothers who combine kids and work - without too much depth? So nice to watch. Oh yes, there are people who don't like the series. Fine, everyone has their thing.

Have you looked and what did you think? Tell!

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