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You knew that yoga is healthy. But various scientific studies show that it is so healthy that it is really worth considering starting every day with a good sun salutation (you will find a useful video at the bottom of this article). Because of all the benefits that yoga offers, you can say that practicing yoga regularly can definitely make your life a bit happier. Below are the five most important reasons to start + beginner tips.

1 - Yoga improves your flexibility

The most commonly cited reason why people choose yoga is to 'increase flexibility' . Flexibility is important to keep your body healthy. There are many yoga styles to choose from and even the mildest style is great for staying flexible. This is important if you are young, but studies show that yoga can also have enormous benefits for people over 65. Because reduced flexibility is a natural part of aging and this is how you tackle it. Start now and you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.

yoga is healthy

2 - Yoga helps reduce stress and improves your mental health

84% of American adults feel the impact of long-term stress. Relieving stress is also one of the most frequently cited reasons why people choose yoga. This may also be because yoga is much more than that in addition to physical practice. Think of meditation, breathwork and auditory rituals, such as singing and sound baths. These have also been shown to significantly reduce tension and relieve stress.

A 2017 study even concluded that yoga (therapy) can be a very effective alternative treatment for major depressive disorder.

breathwork and yoga

3 - Yoga can reduce inflammation

Flexibility and stress reduction is already a big advantage, but this is also a very good reason. Chronic inflammation is often the precursor to a disease. Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Crohn's disease and many other dire diagnoses are often linked to long-term inflammation. After reviewing 15 different studies, a particularly common result was found: Yoga – of varying styles, intensities and durations – reduced biochemical markers of inflammation in several chronic conditions.

4 - Yoga can help improve sleep

It seems like a sales pitch, but I can confirm this reason myself. Yoga has been shown to improve both how quickly people fall asleep and how deeply they stay asleep. This is partly due to the after-effects of exercise and the mental peace and stress relief that yoga provides. The yoga nidra style (relaxation yoga) would be most suitable for this.

Sleep better through yoga

5 - Yoga can improve your quality of life

The World Health Organization defines quality of life as 'an individual's perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, norms and concerns'.

Factors that influence quality of life include relationships, creativity, learning opportunities, health and material comfort. For decades, researchers have considered quality of life as an important predictor of people's longevity and patients' likelihood of improvement when treated for a chronic illness or injury. You've probably guessed it, practicing yoga, among other things, can significantly improve your quality of life.

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Useful yoga beginners tips

You don't need much to start with yoga. But if you still want to prepare yourself, here are some useful tips. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that doesn't have to be super fashionable. Wear a comfortable sports bra, a top that does not go over your head when you bend over and leggings or sweatpants that close high. Bare feet is the most relaxing for grip. That is why having your own (good) yoga mat is not an unnecessary luxury. A not too thin, spacious mat of good quality that you will enjoy for years to come. Even if you go to a yoga studio, having your own mat is secretly very nice - because it is hygienic. I always have a meditation cushion and a blanket at hand. This way I can easily end my yoga session or alternate it with a good meditation.

Start simply with sun salutations

So you don't have to tie yourself in knots every week to do yoga. Start simple and slow. I am a fan of a series of sun salutations in the morning. Here is a handy how-to video to help you get started with that sun salutation yourself. Because that is in any case a very nice first step. Are you looking for a very nice online or offline yoga studio? Then take a look at Yogaseads in The Hague.

Source: Healthline | contains sponsored links | photos: Nathalie Grainger , Ginny Rose Stewart , Ivan Rudoy , ​​Anthony Tran

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