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The pressure to perform is increasing, only when you move up in life will you be successful and find happiness. At least, that's what we're often told. But this causes you to experience a lot of pressure and you often lose sight of the fact that there are already many moments of happiness in your life! By thinking about this more often and becoming aware of all the little moments of happiness, you will notice that you will naturally feel better about yourself. Moreover, it is super important for your physical and mental health to focus on all the fun things in life.

These tips will probably help you find more small moments of happiness.

Thing 1 - Do something for someone else

You would say that you should mainly look for happiness within yourself, but by doing something for someone else (without expecting anything in return) you will experience more happiness yourself. Not only will this make the person you do something nice for very happy, but it will also make you feel good. For example, give a compliment to someone you don't know, let someone go first at the cash register or bring a delicious cake to the neighbor. Or, and this is actually much more fun, do something anonymously for once. Every now and then, hide a small note or card with a positive message in a random place. Because how nice is it to find that and read that you look good, or that you are doing so well today?

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Thing 2 – Write down what you are grateful for

If you write down every night before you go to bed what you were grateful for that day, you will see that you will increasingly notice all the little moments of happiness in your life. And these really don't have to be grand and compelling events. Something as simple as your colleague getting you a cup of tea (enter fika !) or the sun shining so nicely on your face in the afternoon are often the most beautiful moments. It has been proven that if you do this every day for a longer period of time, it improves your mood, promotes your night's sleep and also benefits your diet. All the more reason to start today!

You can read more about Fika in the Happlify your life book . See page 88.

Thing 3 - Don't be so hard on yourself

Please don't be so hard on yourself, it's completely okay to put on the brakes every now and then and take time for yourself. Take a nice walk in the sun, binge watch all seasons of Friends or eat a whole pack of Oreos in a row if you feel like it. Everything is good! You will notice that everything immediately feels a lot better when you are fully charged again. And then of course it is now a buyer, but then you also experience more happiness.

These are a few tips you can use for more small moments of happiness. And don't feel guilty if everything doesn't go the way you would like, it can't always be a party. A positive mindset and an eye for what you have already achieved will take you a long way!

The author - Rinske Claus

Rinske is the brain behind the super cool webshop Crazy goat (gives humor to your interior!). She makes a modern version of the good old tile wisdom with a funny twist. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat and loves pizza. Rinske's blog posts >

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