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What a gift this is and the great thing is that you can share it with everyone, Gaia Joy's latest song ' The Sun Will Rise Again '. Are you ready for a little positive energy, hope and love? Save and listen when needed.

Gaia Joy, aka Joy, wrote this song and provided mesmerizing vocals, while Eddie shines on guitar. Joy sings this song live more often during Savasana or during the Zen Caravan retreats (also by Joy and Eddie), which makes the song have a special meaning for her and their audience. It is a song that offers comfort and support when you need it. The soft melodies and inspiring lyrics will touch your heart and remind you that even in the darkest of times, the sun will rise again.

Listen and share the sunlight

I cordially invite you to listen to this beautiful song. You can find it on Spotify at this link . Share the song with others who could use some love and hope. Together we can spread the positive vibes of ' The Sun Will Rise Again ' and inspire others to never give up.

Help Gaia Joy

If you want to help Gaia Joy, you can add the song to one of your playlists on Spotify. In this way you contribute to increasing the awareness of this beautiful song. If you don't use Spotify, the song can also be found on other platforms.

Experience it Live

Want to experience 'The Sun Will Rise Again' live? Then I have even more good news! Gaia Joy and Eddie will perform this song at their Zen Caravan events this summer, check the schedule here . Don't miss this special opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of their music.

Thank you Gaia Joy for this beautiful song.

Photography: Stevie.P photography

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