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July 25 is Pink Monday, the event for LGBT people that takes place annually in July on the first Monday of the Tilburg Kermis. You can read more about this here . In honor of Pink Monday, we put the color pink in the spotlight.

The color pink is seen as a predominantly feminine color. This soft shade of red relaxes and soothes and is experienced as calming. The playful associations are energy, cheerful, sweet and young. Passionate associations are love, drama, flirting and exciting. Because of the capricious nature of this color, pink is often used in relation to love.

In June, by the way, we celebrate Pink Saturday , a day on which I am proud to live in the country that first legalized same-sex marriage. What a versatile color! Here are 10 facts about the always cheerful color pink:

1 girly?

In our culture, pink is seen as a girl's color and blue as a boy's color. For most of history, however, it was the other way around. This started already at the end of the 18th century. In fact , in 1918 a report from a government agency in England stated that pink was the most appropriate color for boys and girls were best dressed in blue. In the 1940s , this custom turned around. Research shows that, on average, both girls and boys actually like blue the most.

2 Beach

There is a beach in the Bahamas, the Isla Harbour, which consists of bright pink sand. And in Australia there is a lake with bright pink water in it. The pink color comes from a certain type of algae.

3 Fristi

Hippos give bright pink breast milk. This is due to a red -colored hormone that is secreted into it and gives the white milk a pink color.

4 Sweet

The color pink makes you feel more sweet. Very smart to package cake, or other goodies, in a pink!

5 Vegan?

Foods that are colored pink, such as pink cakes and cherry cola, often acquire this color from the coloring agent E120, which comes from the crushed bodies of scale insects. yikes...

6 Muscles

Research shows that male weightlifters become less strong in a pink room, while female weightlifters perform better.

Er... fancy some pink in your interior?

Check out this bright pink felt storage from Houtmoed. T his basket makes a statement in your interior! The soft felt basket is handmade, with love for storing your valuables. The bright pink color of the soft felt makes it a real eye-catcher and ideal for the cool girl's room. With this bright color in your house you can make cleaning up a party! This original, handmade felt basket is nice and spacious, so you can store a lot of things. From girls' books and make-up, to diapers, cuddly toys or guest towels.

The basket is approximately 20x20x15 cm. All baskets are handmade and may therefore differ slightly from the photo. And has your basket gotten dirty? The felt is washable at 40 degrees, but likes hand wash the most. Do not put the baskets in the dryer, but let them air dry.

Can be ordered at Houtmoed, available in various sizes and colors - Felt basket LARGE €26

7 On a pink cloud

Pink raises blood pressure and heart rate, just like when you're in love!

8 Pink omelette

Flamingos lay eggs with a pink yolk. The pink in both the feathers and the egg yolk comes from the red dye in the shrimp and plankton they eat.

9 Pink prison

In some prisons the walls are painted pink or the inmates have to wear pink suits. The reason for this is that it appears that the aggression decreases as a result.

10 Calm

Even people who are color blind calm down in a pink room.

Kaia Natural Watercolor

Author - Kara de Rooij
Kara de Rooij has succeeded in making completely natural, vegan paint of professional artist quality. She has managed to convert her love for color and coast into her own business. She gives us a glimpse into the world of color.

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