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Today on Blue Monday extra attention to blue. Blue Monday is the day of the year when we feel the most miserable. You seem to be able to calculate the misery with a formula, but it is actually as clear as a cube. The fact is that the fun parties are behind us, that we (often) have not kept our New Year's resolutions, that the summer holidays are still far away, that the weather is messy, that we have gained a lot during the holidays. .. Luckily it's only one day in a year!

And you know... maybe it just doesn't bother you. We are actually quite ok today, but that is also allowed if you call yourself Happlify... So no heavy message, but attention to the beautiful color: blue.

And who better than Kara de Rooij can tell us more about this? Kara launched her own vegan watercolor paint brand Kaia Natural Watercolor in 2019, and how! This color expert shares with us 10 things you didn't know about the color blue. Read on and find out 10 very fun facts. No nonsense, just hard facts.

1 Light

If you let people estimate how heavy an object is, they estimate it lighter if the object is blue.

2 Creative

Looking at the color blue boosts your creativity, especially when it comes to creative problem solving. So put on a blue sweater the next time you tackle an Ikea kit!

3 Blue viewers

But 8% of the people on Earth have blue eyes. It is likely that in the future there will be less and less.

Wow, so it's pretty special to have blue eyes...

4 Alien

If you were to see the sun go down from the planet Mars, you would see the sun and the sky around it not as yellow and red as on Earth, but as blue. This is because all the fine dust in the atmosphere allows the blue light rays to pass through the best.

5 Feeling blue

Blue has a calming effect on humans because it stimulates the production of calming hormones in the brain. However, too much exposure to the color leads to depression. Perhaps this is where the expression 'feeling blue' comes from.

6 Blue gold

For centuries, the blue pigment made from the lapis lazuli stone was more precious than gold. It still costs around 1000 euros per kilo for medium quality and the price can be many times that.

So €1,000 per kilo!!

7 Dictionary

In most languages, blue is the last color for which a word originated. This is partly due to the fact that blue is rare in nature. For a long time, blue was seen as a variant of black.

8 Favorite

40% of the people in the world indicate that blue is their favorite color. You too?

9 Owl Glasses

Owls are the only species of birds that are able to perceive the color blue.

10 Prick

Mosquitoes are twice as attracted to the color blue as to other colors. Never buy a blue tent! Flies don't like blue at all. That is why in the past the kitchen was often painted blue in farms.

Hmm, what do you think their story is?

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Froodyz Author - Kara de Rooij
Kara de Rooij has succeeded in making completely natural, vegan paint of professional artist quality. She has managed to convert her love for color and coast into her own business. She gives us a glimpse into the world of color.

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