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Are you looking for an original gift, vintage wallpaper, organic herbs, or something for your aquarium? It's fun to look for something special online. Perhaps, like many other online shoppers, you start your search by checking the webshops of the better-known chains. But let yourself be surprised by the other 84,000 web shops in the Netherlands! You will certainly find something special there. And 'shopping locally online' also offers a number of great benefits.

Five good reasons to order from smaller webshops

1 - Unique products

There are already enough standard items. At smaller webshops you will find the nicest homemade products or tailor-made packages, making it easy to score a unique gift or interior item.

2 - Extensive, specialized range & knowledge

Larger chains usually do not have many different types or accessories in their range. Specialized webshops are experts in their field and offer you an extensive choice. Moreover, you can easily contact them with questions. Curious? More than 9,200 webshops are affiliated with WebwinkelKeur, from bread bakers to garden plant webshops . Just type in a keyword on the Member List and discover which shops appear.

3 - Personal contact

We mentioned it above, contact with smaller webshops is easier. No chatbots and no great customer service, where you are always helped by someone else (if you can get through at all). Personal attention and contact. Often it is even the webshop owner himself who answers your question. Also nice if you want to have something nicely wrapped or if you want to have a personal message sent with your order.

4 - Durability

Did you know that the percentage of returns at smaller providers is a lot lower than at the large chains? Because you can easily ask questions and the webshop owner knows everything about the products, you don't have to guess whether a product is what you are looking for, or buy 3 different sizes, only to return at least 2 later. Now that's sustainable!

5 - Shop locally online

The nice thing about the internet is that 'Shop local' can now be done everywhere. You can live in Friesland and support a hardworking entrepreneur in Zeeland with your purchase. And the local economy also benefits from this. So do!

It really is like this: 'When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance' . Who will you make happy with your purchase?

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