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Do you remember? Those indefinable Mother's Day gifts you made for your mom when you were little? Clay 'ashtrays', finger paint 'paintings'. Your mother was overjoyed and you were so proud! Just because you're an adult now doesn't mean you can't still give her a nice DIY Mother's Day gift. In this blog we give you fun and especially sweet ideas for your homemade Mother's Day gift!

Idea 1 - a unique bouquet

Flowers are – unless she is allergic like yours truly – always a good idea. Now you can go for a thirteen-in-a-dozen bouquet from the florist, but it is much more fun to pick a bouquet yourself in a picking garden! You can find the nearest one at www.pluktuinen.nl . Even more fun: picking a beautiful bouquet together. Make a 'voucher' for a visit to the picking garden and make it a nice outing! Many picking gardens also have a tea garden where you can enjoy a delicious (high) tea together!

Idea 2 - homemade jam

This is nothing new, but there is a reason that people used to make homemade jams. It is budget-friendly, healthy (because you decide what you put in it) and also very tasty! Get (organic) fruit from the (vegetable) farmer and go with that banana, or err apple/pear/peach. You can find countless recipes for all kinds of jam online. Even if your mother follows a certain diet. Nice: take a nice piece of fabric, print a nice label and tie it to the lid with a nice rope or ribbon. A beautiful and tasty home-made gift! 

TIP : Does your mother not like jam? These sweet heart cookies are also a perfect gift.

Idea 3 - for the mother who loves abstract art

Suppose you have a very creative mother who loves abstract design, then this is the perfect gift! The DIY mobile from Mo man tai is 100 cm long once assembled and a real eye-catcher for your interior. This artwork is available at Happlify Crew member maison KOOS. Mo man tai - DIY mobile - €69,-

mo man tai - diy mobile

Idea 4 - family recipe book

We stay in the kitchen for a while, because your mother regularly asks where you got a certain recipe? Do you have recipes from your (great) grandmother that you still like to make? Or favorite dishes that you used to like to eat when you still lived at home? Write them all down in a nice notebook . A beautiful gift that can also be passed on from generation to generation. 

Idea 5 - how to pack nicely

Look, the gift is important, but don't forget the packaging! At Happlify Crew Bi Happy Creations you can shop the most beautiful papers, cards and washi tape to wrap your present in an unforgettable way. Like this cheerful packaging set 'The world is better' - €12,50

Packing set- The world is better

Idea 6 - macrame! 

A hanger to put a plant in or a beautiful object for the wall? Learn the tricks, I mean knots of macrame and you make the most beautiful things! Macrame is a knotting technique where you tie different ropes or threads together in all kinds of creations. 'In the past' this was completely in, but since the lockdowns it is back again.

Bonus idea - a jar full of...

Just fill it in and fill the jar with whatever you want. Take a large glass jar (for example, a large-sized vegetable jar) and a piece of fabric and rope/ribbon, appropriate to what you're putting in it, to give the jar a nice lid later. The possibilities are endless but a few tips for the filling:

  • Tea lights or scented candles
  • Beach sand with shells, from your favorite beach for example
  • Sewing stuff with a nice piece of fabric
  • Cookie mix (sugar, flour, colored candies and the recipe)
  • A beautiful picture of meaning

💬 Tell us, what do you give on Mother's Day?

Author - Martinique Koevoets van Martinique Translations
Crazy about language and everything related to it. Translator, copywriter, reading enthusiast, amateur photographer, but also mother, partner and cat lady ;). Takes you enthusiastically on a journey to the nicest and most special places!
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