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Imagine: more than four million Dutch people are considering saying goodbye to social media, but do not take this step. Surprising, don't you think? It becomes even more remarkable when you consider that according to a recent study by Newcom, the average Dutch person spends no less than 30 days, or 720 hours, on social media every year. That's a whole month! A month spent endlessly scrolling - but for what exactly?

These sensational results from the national social media research were the reason why EditieNL decided to interview me, Mariko . The conversation was filled with interesting questions, but unfortunately the recordings were cut considerably. Because of this I would now have to go through life as a kind of ex-addict. But I don't really care about that as long as I can help other people with it. Because not everything from the interview was broadcast on television, which is logical, I recorded a podcast for our company SYSO in which I provide more context and tips.

The content in brief

You will get answers to these questions in the podcast :

  • When did you stop social media?
  • Why did you stop?
  • How did the environment react?
  • How did you stop?
  • Did you find that difficult?
  • Do you have any tips for quitting social media?

Digital addiction test

Here are some useful tips for you if you want to reduce your consumption

  • Put your mobile phone on silent as much as possible and turn off the vibrate function anyway. Clean up the apps, throw away what you no longer need.
  • Clear out your socials that you no longer use.
  • Give yourself a 30-minute block one day, for example during lunch, to check your socials.
  • Leave your cell phone in your bag or in a fixed place in the house. Make sure it doesn't come into the bedroom or go to the toilet with it. It is also preferable not to have mobile phones on the table while eating.
  • Get out into nature more and find a fun, new hobby.
  • Unfollow everything and everyone that no longer makes you happy. Remove yourself from stupid WhatsApp groups and feel free!
  • Do the Digital Detox , available at Happlify, for a limited time at a discount.

Do the Digital Detox from Happlify

Mindlessly scrolling on social media from one post to the next. Just read the comments *swipe, swipe* until I no longer remember what I was looking for. Did I even have a goal? Um, how long was it?! Hm, if you recognize this a bit, you are ready for a digital detox.

Time flies, the years when your kids smoked at Zwitsal flew by, suddenly you are no longer waiting in the school yard and you get the feeling that life really is finite and everything passes.

Dramatic: yes. That's realistic and since we got that smartphone, we spend an average of more than 2 hours a day on... yes on what, actually?

๐Ÿ‘‰ Click here and do the detox for a super affordable price for a limited time. Because: real life doesn't take place on your mobile.

Digital Detox - Mariko Naber

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