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Are you vegan, or maybe a little less strict; vegetarian? Then we have some nice tips for you. By now, a plant-based lifestyle seems commonplace, but you can probably still use some nice tips. Here are some of our happy finds for you.

Tip 1 - Team tofu

Do you like to show that you eat plant-based? Then check out Vegan Outfitters, a shop with vegan clothing and accessories 'for the plant-based generation'. You will find vegan shoes, but also very cool T-shirts and hoodies. The designs are sometimes light-hearted and sometimes provocative. Perfect for getting through family dinners… or not. Bald T-shirt - €22,95 | Team tofu T-shirt - €22,95

Vegan Outfitters

Tip 2 - Really tasty vegan lunch

Are you looking for a good hotspot for a really tasty vegan lunch ? Then Black & White Kafe in Breda might be the ideal place for you. They go one step further than vegetarian and only serve vegan dishes. They are happy to share their Passion for Healthy Living and offer not only tasty, but also healthy dishes. Moreover, they try to keep their ecological footprint as small as possible. Not only that is a big plus, the interior is also worth a visit. This place is calming and industrial, where during lunch you look out on a tropical courtyard with bamboo, palm trees and rippling water. You can also go there for yoga !

vegan lunch Breda

Tip 3 - Vegan pecan pie DIY

Do you know the Lisa Goes Vegan website? You can always go there for a surprising vegan recipe or some useful tips and advice. Lisa Stel (1990) has shown for years in a positive and accessible way how our daily (food) choices can make a huge positive difference. Not only for our health and the animals, but also for our earth and direct living environment. Here you will find her delicious Vegan pumpkin pecan pie with chocolate .

Vegan pecan pumpkin pie

Tip 4 - Vegan high tea

Did you know this was possible; a high tea completely vegan and just as tasty?! You can also go to Black & White Kafe in Breda for this. You can enjoy sweet and savory snacks and delicious organic tea. An ideal way if you ask us to spend your free afternoon, baby shower or birthday in Breda.

Vegan high tea baby shower

🥦 Tell me, do you have a nice vegan tip? Share it below with a comment!

Main image source: Black & White community

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