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The best month of the year? Dec of course. The most expensive month of the year? December! But with smart purchasing and even smarter packing, it really doesn't have to cost a fortune. And no, I don't mean run to the nearest Action as fast as you can. But think carefully about what you want to give, what you find important in a gift and how you want to present it. Because really, there is so much fun for sale, but also so much beautiful that you already have at home!

Just a little less commercial 

Put yourself in the receiver for a moment. After all, it is important that you can give the gift with pride, but most importantly that the recipient wants to receive it. Well, most children have quite a wish list and yes, it will mainly consist of commercial crap, which they have seen in the big toy books and TV commercials. And no, you can't completely ignore that wish list. Because believe me, you will not be thanked. But small adjustments can be made. Give them the Lego set they've been kicking you with for months. But the wish for 200 Pokémon cards can be overlooked for a while.

So many nice gifts

Because there are so many nicer gifts, gifts that most children don't know exist, but which they are ultimately very happy with once they receive it... As long as you well moved into the child. Does your nephew love dinosaurs and is very good at puzzles, give him a dino building kit . Gifts that are not in the toy books can be found here and are secretly extra fun to give and receive.

The gift for big

This is of course the same for adults. No idea what to display now? Of course a gift card is the easy option, but how boring to give and receive. That could be more fun! Do you want to give that gift card? In any case, make sure that it is wrapped in a fantastic way. Or combine the gift card with another gift. Pineut has put together a delicious selection of drink and cake mixes especially for the holidays. Are you looking for nice presents for under that tree? Glühwein cake mix , a mix for a winter cocktail and other mix jars, boxes and bags are tasty and super fun to get.

You rock bells

you rock earrings

These You rock earrings from Handmade by Sjiek are also a nice gift idea. You can choose from many types and sizes and the price? That one is also very sweet, from € 6.50 you already have such a nice pair. These shown here are made of stainless steel and therefore beautifully hypoallergenic (which no one is allergic to). Available at Handmade by Sjiek - from €6,50

Christmas gift rest & balance

Christmas gift – Rest & Balance

This is also a special gift: the SaPeDi Christmas gift - Rest & Balance. Four creative entrepreneurs put together this package. The beautiful products are specially tailored to create your own power spot to get Rest & Balance in your life again. Each Christmas gift has its own beautiful Altar with special meaning. So it's very personal! Available at SaPeDi - €54.95

Get started with nice packing!

packing christmas And then the presentation... You have the perfect gift and what luck, they were willing to wrap it for you in the store. Now there are shops that do this really fantastic. But take a critical look before you throw it under that tree. Because your gift can be so perfect, if it is ugly wrapped it looks cheap and worse, as if you didn't put any effort into it. And the nice thing about this? In other words, this also works perfectly. Because when you use the right materials and make it a beautiful whole, even the cheapest gift still looks like a luxury item.

It's not how much you give

Mother Theresa said very wisely: “It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving” And I can only agree, Because a beautifully wrapped gift radiates so much love and care, no expensive gift can match that . And now you think: “Yes, but a little nice wrapping costs more than an average gift!” Error! You can make it as expensive and as easy as you want.

Give with love

Sustainable packaging

For example, a few weeks ago I shared an Instagram Reel about packing with old materials in and around the house. Packing 2.0, completely free and super sustainable! Do you have some budget for it, there are countless websites with luxury packing materials. Can't you see the forest for the trees? Or are you not a star at matching prints and colors? Then take a look at the packing sets . Unique combinations, entirely in Bi Happy style. No 12 the same stickers, but a nice variation and everything in smaller numbers, always including gift paper, bags, ribbon, stickers, labels and nice extras. Super easy, unique and affordable. 

You can learn to pack really nicely

Okay, you have the material. But then…. Because the packaging itself is also an art in itself. If you already have a good grasp of it, you can experiment with folding techniques and decoration yourself. On Instagram I regularly post videos with how-tos and photos for inspiration. Don't you bake (or better take) any of it yet? Book one of the fun, creative and inspiring packing workshops . You will not only learn a good basis here, but also a few playful folding and wrapping techniques. A workshop that you will enjoy for years to come. 

Packing workshop

Japanese packing

furoshiki Are you really not a hero with paper and scissors? Then you can always go for the Japanese Furoshiki . Beautiful wrapping cloths, which are tied around the gift in simple, but beautiful ways. In fact, a gift for a gift. You can shop the most beautiful Furoshiki at Roppongi. Available at Roppongi - €8.95

💝 Do you have a nice packing inspiration tip? Share it with us below.

However you bring it, make sure you do it with love and in your own way. Really, it is noticed and so appreciated. Happy Holidays and Happy Giving! Love, bianca.

Bi Happy Creations Author - Bianca Maas from Bi Happy Creations
Giving makes you happy. Especially if you can deliver or send the gifts completely in style. Bianca is happy to help you with that, almost in every way imaginable! Check out her wrapping workshops andshop with beautiful wrapping materials and the best gifts.
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    • Helma
    • December 17, 2021 at 10:52 am

    Ipv de Japanse doeken kan je ook hydrofieldoeken gebruiken 😊 Goedkoper & ook in leuke printjes verkrijgbaar. Als je deze gebruikt bij een baby shower of kraamcadeau hebben de ouders gelijk een extra, bruikbare doek 🥰 daar heb je er immers nooit genoeg van! #kraamverzorgende 👶

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