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Candles ready? Let's celebrate winter! Or well… I don't know about you, but the dark days are not my favorite time of year. Fortunately, you can bring a lot of cheer into your home to make this period more fun. How? By making your home cozy. I would like to share 7 interior tips with you to decorate your home winter-proof. Makes sitting at home (even) more pleasant!

Tip 1 - Choose small lights and candles

Salt stone lamp moon

Just because it gets dark early outside doesn't mean you have to sit in pitch black inside. Instead of turning on the bright hanging lamp, you can make it cozy in the house with small lights. For example, buy one of those beautiful salt stone lamps that you turn on in the evening. Treat yourself to a real eye-catcher lamp for the table that emits a subtle light. 

With a small lamp in each corner of the room you can always create the right atmosphere. 

Of course, candles are also a beautiful and atmospheric light source. Especially if they smell nice too.

Tip 2 - Say it with flowers

While the branches outside are bare and the snowdrops are not yet visible above the ground, fortunately you can bring some color into your home. Regularly give yourself a beautiful bouquet to make it shine on the table. A little color in the house is good for everyone these days and is a nice way to make your home cozy. 

And would you rather take a more sustainable approach? Then go for dried flowers or (how cool!) a bouquet from LEGO . You will enjoy it endlessly for a long time.

Tip 3 - Exhibit your beautiful finds

Altar of Acacia wood | SaPeDi

It's a shame to keep all your stuff locked up. Show your personal belongings properly. Put your favorite photos from last summer vacation on a shelf. Collect chestnuts or pine cones in the forest and use them to create a beautiful autumn piece. Or furnish your open cupboard with all kinds of souvenirs and other items that are dear to you. This way you can not only make your home cozy, but also bring back summer memories. You can easily use the Acacia wooden altar shown here for this.


Tip 4 - Go for new pillows

You don't have to buy a completely new sofa or chair to bring coziness into your home. A small adjustment can do wonders. My favorite tip? Provide your sofa with new cushions. Go for a different color of cushion covers, opt for something wonderfully soft and teddy-like or for a cool print that makes you happy. This way you can give your interior a completely new look with little effort. How about this furry Llama ?

Furry Llama pillow

Tip 5 - Bring a warm plaid into your home

I am at my happiest in the winter under a blanket on the couch. You too? Then a nice fleece blanket should not be missing to make your home cozy. This way you will never suffer from cold feet and you can ultimately cocoon when the rain is tapping against the windows outside. Moreover, such a plaid is very cozy. So feel free to leave it over your couch or on your bed to make your sitting area nice and cozy .

Living blankets

Tip 6 - Make your house smell pleasant

Your nose wants something too. And so, in my opinion , a scented candle or scented sticks are inextricably linked to winter. There's nothing like walking into your living room and being immediately welcomed by the wonderful scent of vanilla, cinnamon or something sweet. You don't even have to bake a delicious apple pie to fill your house with a wonderful scent. Which scent are you going for?

Happy Scents: Reed diffuser + paper vase

Tip 7 - Use color to make your home cozy

I don't know about you, but I'm always up for an interior makeover. Because at the same time I think it would be a shame to throw money away every week at the residential boulevard, I like to take a smaller-scale approach. A pot of paint can make a huge difference and only costs a few bucks. 

Look for a nice warm color to put on your boring white wall. You will see that your home will immediately become warmer and cozier. Exciting, such a new color? As a remedy for those paint itch, I tell myself in advance that you can always repaint it if the result is disappointing. Better to regret what you tried than what you didn't do!

Did you know that the right colors in your home make you a little happier? You will find this and 51 other happiness makers in Mariko's new (year) happiness book Happlify your life . Every little bit helps, who knows how happy you will be in a year's time. Super cool gift!

Happlify your life happiness book

So: make your house cozy in the winter?

Felt florist snowdrop

There are many more ways to make your home cozy in the winter. A beautiful Christmas tree with nice kitsch decorations or felt figures also contributes to this. Just like cheerful lanterns or string lights. Or a beautiful homemade Christmas piece on the table. 

And do you really miss the snowdrops now? Then you can always make them yourself to make your home more cozy. In this workshop by the Felt Florist you will learn to make them yourself from felt. This way you not only bring the coziness, but also spring into your home.

And now you: how do you make your home cozy? Tell us in a comment below.

Romy Veul

The author: Romy Veul

Copywriter, language fanatic, crazy about color and cheerful as often as possible. That's who Romy Veul is in a nutshell. On her blog More often Cheerful she takes you into her positive imaginations. Always with a modest dose of humor and nice colorful photos. Romy's blog posts >

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