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The Christmas period can be very busy and stressful, the run-up to it, buying presents, arranging food, when and with whom do you celebrate Christmas - and is that possible this year? On the day itself, everything has to be perfect and then things don't happen exactly as you planned. Sometimes it is such a hassle that at a certain point you even start to dread those 'mandatory days'.

A shame about that 'nicest time of the year, right'? That is why you have previously found the blog post ' Tips for relaxed holidays ' at Happlify and here you will receive some extra feel-good party tips, happy facts and sweet gifts. On to a Merry Christmas!

Light a fire

Create a calm atmosphere in your home. Put on some quiet Christmas music and a cozy fire. Don't have a fireplace? No worries! Netflix has arranged the atmosphere and the sound of a crackling fire for you.

Netflix fireplace

TIP : Have you always wanted to have a fireplace, but do you think it does not fit in your home? There are beautiful electric fireplace designs that do not require a chimney and that also fit well in small spaces.

Vintage Happy Xmas

You will never hear me say that 'everything was better in the past', but at Christmas it can't be nostalgic enough for me. From Dolly with Kenny to the musket wreaths with red stitching in the tree. Every year a new tradition emerges. There is something about Christmas, it can be wrong, colorful and kitchy, as long as it is cozy and with the right intention. You can find a whole inspiration board full of good intentions here: Vintage Happy Xmas , then you know what I mean. Maybe you'll get some inspiration from it!
Vintage Christmas | Happlify

All screens gone

Except for your digital fire and a relaxing Spotify list, all screens should simply go. Mention this at the start of your celebration, create a special 'mobile phone box' and have everyone put their mobile phone in there. Real attention for each other is the best thing you can give. Do you want to go a little further? Give a Digital Detox from Happlify as a gift!

TIP : do you want your children to participate in this? Then let them make the box and arrange everything ;-)

Cell phone box

All I want...

All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey is the starting signal for Christmas off course. Here are some fun facts:

  1. What were you doing 27 Christmases ago? That's how old this all-time favorite has become this year (in 2021). Poe, feels old yet?

  2. But did you know that this fave almost wouldn't have existed!? Mariah was married at the time to Tommy Mottola, who was also the head of her record label. He thought a Christmas album was more something for mature artists and therefore not good for her career. They took the gamble...

  3. And HOW well can you gamble?! With worldwide sales of 16 million copies, it is Mariah's biggest success. It is the 11th best-selling single of all time. By 2013, Mariah's account had more than $50 million in royalties alone. The song has more than 550 million views on YouTube and almost 510 million plays on Spotify. Kaching!

  4. Oh, and Mariah wrote the lyrics and melody herself, within 15 minutes. The OG Girlboss if you ask me ๐Ÿ’ช

Timeless, everyone knows the song. Watch.

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