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As a down-to-earth Zeelander, I have my feet on the ground. 'Famous people are just people'. That's why you won't see me star struck anytime soon. But... when I met Mark Ryden I was sweating for a moment!

I have been a big fan of his work since his collection The Meat Show (1998) . When, as a young, overworked mother, I had launched a new jewelry collection for our then shop Applepiepieces, my husband Mark took me to Paris for a weekend. Because there he had a big surprise. And what kind! But first things first...

Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden is an American artist considered part of the Lowbrow art movement. He was called 'the godfather of pop surrealism' by Interview Magazine. Ryden creates a world of his own with his art. The atmosphere is nostalgic, seems very sweet but is also disturbing at the same time. Bears with oversized heads and glassy eyes, princesses in meat dresses and an overdose of camp symbolism drizzled in candy-colored pastel shades. I can look at his work for hours, always discovering something new in it.

Below you can see a time lapse of his painting Incarnation (2021) from The Gay 90's collection.


Mark and I really enjoy strolling around big (and small) cities. Now, like many, we haven't done that for a long time. But if we can go again, I hope we will 'just' go to our favorite Paris again. Fortunately, we recently had a kind of sneak peek through the Netflix series Lupine (recommended!). But Paris, Mont Martre to be precise, makes my heart skip a beat. To be continued.

Anyhow, Mark Ryden was in Paris in 2013 for a signing of his amazing The Gay 90's collection book. And as you can see here, we were there. It was very nice and special to meet this man.

Happy Paris

Mark Ryden on Instagram

Here is Mark Ryden with some newer work 'Pinkie' (2020) . And this is the artist's Instagram account where you can admire much of his work. Read more? This is a 2014 interview in Interview.

Now you!

Tell me, you probably also have a very nice memory. Would you like to share it with us below? Happiness multiplies when shared!

Mariko Naber

The author: Mariko Naber

Branding expert and online entrepreneur Mariko is the happy brain behind Happlify. Together with partner Mark, she runs Happlify, Sell your stuff online and branding agency Loaded ink BNO . She loves feel good, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, sea, piña colada, sugar & spice and everything nice.

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    • Wendy
    • July 23, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Wat een leuk verhaal! Ik vind het ook altijd zonnig om de makers te ontmoeten van dingen die ik mooi vind. Als kind was ik straatrumoer toen ik schrijfster Thea Beckman (Kruistocht in spijkerbroek, Hasse Simonsdochter etc) ontmoette. Zo cool!

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