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You know winter is really coming when the clocks go back an hour. And October 30 is the day. That's quite nice because then you can sleep an hour longer and the weekend also lasts an hour longer. Do you remember why we actually have winter time? Here are some fun wintertime tidbits.
  • The change from summer to winter time ensures that daylight is mainly present when we are awake.

  • Winter time is actually our 'standard' time. Daylight saving time is the adjustment. To give you an idea: if we also kept summer time in winter, it would not get light until 09:00 on New Year's Eve. And if we keep to winter time in the summer, it would already be light at 03:30 in June.

  • The Romans already adapted their lives to daylight. Indigenous peoples today still live without time. They do adjust when it is light and dark.

  • Until the beginning of the 20th century (1900), every place in the Netherlands had its own time, which was determined by the position of the sun. The sun rises in the east, so it was fifteen minutes earlier there than in the west.

  • Daylight saving time and winter time do not start on exactly the same day worldwide. It is about the same day in March and October.

  • Daylight saving time is used in only 70 countries worldwide, namely in Europe, North America and a few countries in South America, Africa and a small part of Australia.

Do you always forget whether that clock should go forward or back an hour? Then use this mnemonic: in the spring, the clock goes forward one hour. In the autumn the clock goes back.

In short: you sleep best when it is dark outside. And you are most useful when it is light outside.

Lovely warm feet

It's not really cold yet, but what isn't can come soon enough in winter. Be prepared with a pair of wonderfully warm Comfeet slippers made of real wool felt. That way you don't have to turn up the heating immediately !

warm slippers

Source: Kijkopdrimmelen

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