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We are very happy watching a movie here, preferably in the cinema of course. But home is also fine now and as real movie fans and we have of course already binged 'The movies that made us' from Netflix . Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (1994) hasn't gotten through there yet, I'd love that. I've seen this classic myself at least six times.

Style icon Mrs. Mia Wallace

Pulp Fiction was the founder of postmodern cinema and shook Hollywood to its foundations. The soundtrack is flippin' awesome, John Travolta had the best comeback ever and Samuel Jackson has remained legendary forever. But for me it was certainly also the style of Mrs. Mia Wallace that kept me watching over and over again.

Mia's style is übercool because it is classy, ​​simple and yet edgy. After so many years, her look has turned out to be timeless and that's beautiful. Think: black, white, red and a creamy vanilla milkshake...

mrs. Mia Wallace essentials

1 - Men's Shirt
When you think of Mia, you immediately think of a simple white blouse, 100% cotton and crisp white. An oversized white blouse is always a good idea. I myself have one of the Hema, a men's shirt in size XL. If you want your blouse to be fitted like with Mia, then secure the blouse with a stitch at the back. Men's Shirt - €25

2 - Black Straight Leg Pants
No nonsense straight, timeless black pants are essential. This copy of Monki would not look out of place for Mia. Black Straight Leg Pants - €35

3 - Silver colored loafers
A nice quality pair of flat, silver colored loafers. In my memory, Mia always has black ballet flats, but that's not the case. These silver leathers from Tamaris are a nice alternative. Silver leather ballerinas - €59,95

Mrs Mia Wallace style icon

4 - The classic trench coat
Mia has a great roomy trench coat to be jealous of. A khaki trench coat is always a good idea. Handy: Monki has the best and most affordable. Classic trench coat - €80

5 - Red lipstick
Put on your red lipstick and 'You'll be a woman soon' . There is a real Mrs. Mia Wallace color red from the brand Urban Decay, but this Rouge Allure Intense from Chanel in -my own favorite color- Pirate 99 is also a perfect classic. Chanel Rouge Allure Intense lipstick pirate - €29,95

6 - Five dollar milkshake
To really finish it off, below you will find the recipe of the one and only 'Five dollar shake', with extra carbohydrates and calories, but 'pretty f*cking good', according to Vincent Vega...

    Mrs Mia Wallace style icon

    Five dollar milkshake recipe

    For two large Five dollar shakes you will need:

    • 400 very good quality vanilla ice cream
    • 200 grams greek yogurt 10% fat
    • 250 ml whole milk (less if you want a thicker shake)
    • 1 tsp (bourbon) vanilla extract (or a vanilla pod)
    • 2 tbsp (powdered) sugar
    • 6 ice cubes

    For the garnish

    • whipped fresh whipped cream
    • cherries in syrup
    • 2 fancy straws

    Crush the ice cubes first. Scrape the vanilla pod so that you are just the seed paste as an ingredient. Then put all ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy. Pour the shakes into nice tall (vintage) glasses. Top with a generous dollop of whipped cream, a straw and the chemically red cherry on top! Delicious with freshly popped salty popcorn.

    Also nice if you are a fan

    Beautiful gallery quality poster with wooden frame. Each frame has an acrylic glass window and comes with a matching hanging system. This Mrs. Mia Wallace design is by Ruben Ireland. A nice eye-catcher in your living room. mrs. Mia Wallace poster - €60,99

    Mrs Mia Wallace - Juniqe poster

    Interested in the movie?

    I can't find it on Netflix anymore, but you can easily watch Pulp Fiction for € 2.99 at Pathé's home.

    And that awesome soundtrack?

    You can of course find it on Spotify and Apple music!

    Favorite song

    My favorite song from the movie is 'Girl, you'll be a woman soon' (original by Neil Diamond).

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    Mariko Naber

    Author - Mariko Naber
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