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We will be the last to say that you should follow every fashion trend closely. But it's nice to stay informed about what's going on! Whether you adopt the trend in your own wardrobe or not. Curious how you keep track of that? Here are some smart tips.

All types of clothing

Fashion trends exist for all types of clothing. So you can see what is in fashion for each item of clothing. Are trendy jeans this year fitted or flared? Which fabrics come back in your search for a new dress or skirt? And what about the print on a bikini for ladies ? Of course it changes all the time. But you don't wear every type of clothing, or at least not in every season. It is therefore better to check specifically, per type of clothing, what is in fashion! That's the easiest way to determine what belongs in your wardrobe.

Look around

Take a good look around. What are the people wearing on the street that catch your eye? You can take an example from this! It's fun to see someone passing by on the street in a nice outfit, and then put together such an outfit yourself. Think of it as a cool experiment! You can also pay attention to which items of clothing you see again and again. The teddy jacket is a good example of this. Oversized T-shirts are also widely worn. The high waist bikini is a favorite choice at the beach or pool. You just have to pay attention to it. But you can certainly spot the trends.

Online inspiration

Don't just look around you on the street, but also get inspiration online. You can simply search for which clothes are currently on trend. You will immediately receive the necessary text and explanation, on blogs for example. Or look at shopping logs, which can also provide inspiration. Here, fashion icons show their latest acquisitions. You can also view the new collection in online shops. Maybe you know some designers. View the new arrivals per designer if you are a fan of the clothing style. Would you prefer to search more specifically? Then you can start looking for specific items again, as we mentioned above. And on various social media you will come across tips and trends to take your outfits to a higher level this season. Look for the accounts of fashion icons, among other things. What are they wearing? You can take that as an example.

Hit the shops

It is recommended to check the latest trends in the stores . You do this in the shopping street or in online stores, right at home on the couch. Look carefully at the fabrics, colors and prints. Do you see certain landmarks, also between one store and another? You can pay particular attention to this. Furthermore, try to put together new outfit combinations, whether you are going to add this to your wardrobe or not. You can always ask in a store what the (predicted) trend of the season is. This way you make it extra easy for yourself.

Own choices and style

We conclude with the tip not to lose sight of your own style. It is only logical that you do not like every trend. You may find a certain color uninteresting. Or do you find a trendy print too hectic? Therefore, only go along with it if it suits you. And that choice is very personal! Fortunately, you can combine a lot of styles and looks with each other. Want to combine a trendy item with a timeless piece of clothing? Just do it! This way you can actually immediately put your own spin on it.

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Whether online or in your daily life around you: you encounter fashion trends everywhere. So pay attention if you want to stay informed. Then you see what suits your wardrobe โ€“ and what you would rather leave hanging. With fashion it's all about what you like!

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