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In recent years, Easter has become Christmas-in-the-spring and I can't exactly say that I mind that. In my opinion, it is the perfect way to celebrate spring and a good excuse to have an extensive brunch and/or drink with friends and family. The only thing that should be good is the weather. Spring has already been in the air in recent weeks; the trees are starting to blossom, the birds are building their nests and we are all sneezing like crazy because of the pollen in the air. But the latter should not spoil the fun; bring on those rays of sunshine!

Easter gift for you

Why wait until Easter to celebrate spring? Here at Happlify we prefer to leave everything there to celebrate as long as possible, so we'll start with the anticipation in the form of a free smartphone wallpaper. In the past I have regularly designed wallpapers in honor of the changing of the seasons and holidays such as Christmas. But never before have I made one for Easter. There had to be a change and see here: my first Easter wallpaper for anyone who wants it.

Set this cheerful chicken as the background on your smartphone and Easter anticipation is guaranteed. Download your copy of the Easter wallpaper here.

🐥 Oh and by the way: this wallpaper is of course also great fun for the rest of spring!

Easter with fringe design

Spring means lambs and sheep

Woven Sheep - These unique hand-woven sheep are made from merino wicker wool and paper cut-outs of my illustrations. They live in a wooden box frame with a plexiglass window. The wool used is mulesing-free. Only one was made of each sheep and it's gone! Available at Franje design - €30,-

Make the Easter celebration complete

Are you really celebrating Easter again this year with a brunch, for example? Then take a look at Madame la Poule in the shop. She has the most colorful things to turn your Easter table into a cheerful party. How about this beautiful Rice baking dish in sunny yellow. Handy for lasagna and other casseroles, but also as a serving dish during brunch or for a savory quiche. Available at Madame la Poule - €42.50

All Fringe design wallpapers at a glance (save them all)

Vera Bertens

The author: Vera Bertens

Vera Bertens is the creative heart and brain behind it Franje Design, which she founded in 2009. In addition to her wonderful world full of sweet and funny creatures, she also illustrates and designs on commission from her studio in Tilburg. We love her work and invite you to discover this Dutch gem for yourself. Vera's blog posts >

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