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Getting off the couch to exercise doesn't always sound appealing. Are you just watching a series or are you just engrossed in your book? You have to put yourself back into your sports outfit. Hell no! Fortunately, there is something you can think of: make exercise more fun for yourself. With these 9 tips it will be less difficult to get off the couch.

Tip 1 - Choose a sport that suits you 

If you really hate running, the barrier to getting off the couch for a run is extra high. And if you don't like the gym, it's very difficult to kick yourself in the ass and go there. Therefore, look for a sport that suits you specifically. 

For some people this means fitness in the gym, for others a team sport suits them better. And yet another enjoys swimming laps in the pool alone or going for a run undisturbed. Do you like less intensive sports? Then pilates, yoga or longer walks might be perfect. You can probably think of a sport that you will enjoy.

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Tip 2 - Put on your headphones 

With some music or a podcast, exercising becomes more fun. Create a list of your favorite sports music in Spotify or choose a podcast you like to listen to . Put on your headphones or put in your earphones and enjoy someone chatting to you or some nice music. Makes exercise a little more fun!

Tip 3 - Reward yourself after exercise

If you have gathered yourself together to start moving, it is worth a reward. Promise yourself something fun for afterwards. For example, agree with yourself that you can watch an episode of your series afterwards , then treat yourself to an extra tasty evening meal or prepare yourself a delicious and nutritious snack. Or decide that you don't have to do anything all evening once you've exercised. This way you have something fun to look forward to. 

Tip 4 - Keep exercise feasible

It is not surprising that the threshold for exercising is high if you immediately oblige yourself to swing weights for an hour in the gym even though you are a novice athlete. Preferably build up your exercise more slowly and don't set the bar too high (it's also better for your muscles, by the way!). If you are just starting out, stick to shorter exercise times and look for exercises that are feasible. This way you make exercise less intense and annoying.

Tip 5 - Find a sports buddy 

On the one hand, a sports buddy is a good incentive to exercise. On the other hand, it also makes exercise more fun. For example, sign up for a yoga class with a friend , go to the gym with your partner or recruit someone else to run, do yoga or whatever. 

Another option is to play team sports. Then you will always have fun around you while exercising. 

Tip 6 - Monitor your progress

Exercise is healthy for you and makes you fitter. And you will see that you will quickly achieve results if you make exercise a habit. Therefore, regularly ask yourself what you can do more now than a few weeks or months ago. Do you feel fitter? Do you feel better about yourself? Make notes of it so you can get extra motivation from your progress. You can also keep track of your improving performance in useful apps, such as Runkeeper. 

Tip 7 - Set goals for motivation

Which is also very motivating? Set goals for yourself with exercise. For example, challenge yourself that in X number of weeks you can run 15 minutes instead of 10, or that in a month you can lift more weight than now. By setting goals for yourself, you have something to work towards. You do sports for something. That makes it more fun, but also provides guidance. Every time you go to the gym you know “Oh yes, this is why I do it!”.

Tip 8 - Give yourself a nice sports outfit as a gift

Those awesome yoga pants you saw the other day. Or that nice running top that fits much nicer than the oversized shirt you are wearing now. With the right sportswear you have something to look forward to when you exercise. So go to an (online) sports store and shop for an outfit that makes exercising more fun for you.

Tip 9 - Make exercise more fun by not just looking for sports

Exercise isn't just about working up a sweat in the gym. You can also get more exercise from your daily life. Simply by taking the stairs more often instead of the elevator, by walking a bit every day or by leaving the car at things that are within cycling distance . See if you can make exercise a habit that you hardly notice. This way you make it more fun and easier to take up exercise.

Tell me, what helps you make exercise more fun?

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