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If we are lucky the weather will be nice at Easter and that weekend will be a good time. Whatever Easter means to you, being together at your Easter best is always a good idea. If you want to make it something special this year, design designer Joke from Studio Assorti is happy to help you with that. She made this beautiful DIY tutorial for a happy Easter.

Joke's studio is located in Flanders, where my ancestors also come from. Seeing the pictures and the DIY brought a smile to my face. Her Easter table box and atmosphere is exactly as I remember it from back in the day, a trip down memory lane. Everyone can use that old-fashioned fun now.

With this DIY from Joke you can get started, alone on a rainy Sunday or together. You can also keep children entertained with this.


air-drying clay
• sharp blade
• print silhouettes chicken, rooster and egg - download here
• fine brush
• blue deco paint
• for finishing: rope or ribbon

Step 1

Roll out the clay on a flat surface to about 3mm thick. You can use a rolling pin or a plain glass bottle.

Step 2

Cut out the silhouettes from the paper and place them on top of the clay. First carefully go along the contour with a sharp knife and then cut out the figures completely.

TIP : if you want to do this project with your kids, you can also use ready-made cookie cutters.

self drying clay

Step 3

Make a hole with a satay stick, so that you can put a string or ribbon through it afterwards. Not too close to the edge so that it cannot tear through.

Step 4

You can easily get rid of the jagged edges and other irregularities. Dip your finger in a bowl of water and gently smooth the edges.

Easter DIY

Step 5

Let the figures dry out for at least a day. The clay must be completely cured.

Step 6

After drying, you can smooth out the last traces of unevenness with a fine sandpaper (240 grit). Then make them completely dust-free with a soft cloth.

Easter decoration

Step 7

Now we can paint the figures with deco paint. Let them dry for a few hours.

Step 8

Finish with a rope or ribbon, and these can go straight into the Easter tree! Tip : you can also use the figures as table cards. Tie them to a napkin and write the name of your dinner guests on the back.

So... are you already looking forward to Easter?

Joke from Studio Assorti
Author - Joke Seys from Studio Assorti
Studio Assorti is an interior and lifestyle label that makes everyday things more beautiful with original homeware & papergoods. The prints on the products are Joke's own designs and arise from unique hand-drawn and hand-painted illustrations.

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