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With summer approaching, it's time to freshen up your wardrobe with cheerful summer dresses. But how do you ensure that you make the right choices online, especially when it comes to fit, durability and practical use? In this article we give you all the tips for shopping smart, stylish and sustainable summer dresses.

Fit is key!

One of the biggest challenges when buying clothes online is the fit. Because you cannot try on the dresses, it is important to carefully consult the size charts that are often described with the product. Measure yourself and compare these measurements with the size chart. When choosing dresses , pay particular attention to the measurements around your chest, waist and hips, as these are the most decisive for a good fit. Also read reviews from previous buyers to see how the sizes work out; Sometimes a product can be smaller or larger than indicated.

Choose timeless styles for a sustainable wardrobe

Sustainability in fashion is not only about how clothes are made, but also about how long you can wear them. Avoid the fleeting trends and opt for classic styles that you can wear year after year. Look for summer dresses in neutral colors or with timeless prints. These dresses are not only easier to combine with different accessories, but also remain fashionable longer.

Wrinkle-free for the holidaymaker

A suitcase full of wrinkled clothes is annoying. So if you are looking for a summer dress that you will need to travel with, choose materials that are less likely to wrinkle, such as polyester blends, jersey, or special wrinkle-free cotton types. These fabrics hold up better in a suitcase and are often neat and tidy again quickly with a little body heat or a quick ironing.

Wear what you like, not just what is 'in'

The most important rule when buying summer dresses online is that you choose something that you feel good in. Fashion is a way to express your personality, so choose dresses that reflect your style and preferences, not just what the current trend dictates. Whether you like bright colors, special prints or a minimalist style, wear what makes you happy.

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You see, choosing a perfect summer dress goes beyond following the latest fashion. It's about finding a style that suits your body, lifestyle, and personal taste, while also thinking about sustainability. With these tips you are well on your way to making a beautiful and practical choice online for the summer.

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