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Are you still looking for the perfect family holiday this summer? Then seriously consider a cruise, because a cruise offers a unique combination of adventure, relaxation and fun for all ages. In this article you can read why a cruise is the ideal choice for your next family vacation. Yes, also fun with toddlers and teenagers :)

We like to travel with ourselves Holland America Line . The reason for this is that it is quiet. You do not choose a noisy party cruise or a place where you will find many (small) children. It is relaxed and we rest there.

Why a family cruise?

Cruises offer a hassle-free vacation experience with something for everyone. From toddlers to teens, there are activities and facilities to suit every age group. Plus, with accommodation, food and entertainment included, cruises are a convenient all-inclusive option for families.

Cruising with children, the tips

Cruising with children can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family, if planned and prepared properly. Here are some tips to make your cruise vacation a great success:

1 - Choose the right cruise

Not all cruises are equally suitable for children. Look for family-friendly cruise lines that offer special programs and facilities for children. Some ships have great water parks, climbing walls, kids' clubs and activities designed to keep younger guests entertained. It is also smart to look at the routes; some destinations are more interesting for children than others.

💡 TIP: Did you know that Disney also does cruises? They sail all over the world with Disney Cruise Line . Last year a ship called at Rotterdam. Of course you will find a lot of fun on board for young and old and there are Disney characters walking around.

Disney Cruise Line

2 - Reserve a family-friendly cabin

Cruise cabins vary widely in size and amenities. For families there are often special family cabins or adjoining cabins that offer more space and convenience. Some cabins even have a separate sleeping area for children, which can be nice for everyone.

3 - Pack smart

In addition to the usual holiday items, it is useful to take a small travel pharmacy with you, as well as sufficient sunscreen, swimwear, and possibly your own life jackets for the little ones. Also consider entertainment for the moments when the children need to have fun on board, such as books, games and tablets.

4 - Plan activities in advance

Many cruises offer a wide range of onboard activities and shore excursions suitable for children. It's smart to plan some of these activities in advance to ensure there is something fun for everyone. Don't forget to schedule some rest days too, so everyone can relax.

5 - Agree on fixed times to eat together

Just because anything is possible doesn't mean you have to, especially when it comes to food. To prevent everyone from eating and drinking all day long, which is possible on a cruise, it is a good idea to make agreements about this. Moreover, a cruise holiday offers the perfect opportunity to really dine together.

Disney Cruise Line - Disney Magic ©Disney


6 - Use the kids' clubs

Most family-friendly cruise ships have kids' clubs that offer activities for different age groups. This is not only fun for the children, but also gives parents the opportunity to relax or enjoy activities that are less suitable for children.

7 - Stay flexible

Traveling with children often means that not everything goes according to plan. It is important to remain flexible and be willing to adjust plans as necessary. You might want to spend an extra day hanging by the pool or skip a planned excursion if the kids (and you) are tired.

8 - Safety first

Teach your children basic ship safety rules, such as not running in the aisles, always having an adult with you, and the importance of wearing a life jacket during safety drills. Many ships also have wristbands for children with the cabin number and emergency numbers.

9 - Enjoy together

The most important thing is to enjoy together and make wonderful memories. A cruise holiday offers a great opportunity to discover new places as a family, relax together and enjoy time together.

These tips will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience for the whole family. Have fun on your adventure!

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A family-friendly cruise is the perfect way to make unforgettable memories together. Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation or culture, a cruise has it all. Many beautiful trips can be booked from the Netherlands via the Cruise Shop website. We really enjoy getting on board and immediately having your own hotel room that travels with you. Wherever you go, your room is always close by, without hassle. The ship, no matter how big, always feels friendly and cozy. Moreover, you do not have to fly back and forth to a port, which saves money and pollution.

Image: Unsplash

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