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Christmas, a time full of fun gathering with family and friends. But let's be very honest, it is not always that cozy and full of love. It often feels more like an obligation that you cannot avoid and you can now dream the jokes of the one uncle who is a bit too present. Don't worry, in this blog you can read three tips to survive Christmas with your family.

1 - Avoid any family dispute

In every family there are topics that are quite sensitive. And usually they're not really about anything. But yes, if Aunt Joke still harbors a grudge against Uncle Arie because he called her carefully stuffed turkey a dry chicken last year, you may soon have to call Bert van Leeuwen to resolve the matter. So try to keep the atmosphere friendly and light. For example, talk about how sweet your cat is when he is sleeping and Aunt Joke will thaw completely again and you will also have a bit of peace.

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Crazy goat

2 - Come up with an activity

If you have to be stuck with your family for a whole day, you better make it fun. So come up with a fun activity that you can do together so that time flies and you can watch Home Alone at home under a blanket. For example, have a karaoke afternoon with all the Christmas classics. Nothing connects people faster than singing Jingle Bells out loud together. And of course, bonus points to anyone who can belt out Mariah Carey's high notes.

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3 - Have an escape plan

If it all becomes too much for you during Christmas, make sure you have an escape plan for the difficult moments. For example, offer to walk the dog or make sure you prepare a round of drinks and snacks in the kitchen. This way you can retreat into your own world for a moment and recharge to sit through the rest of the Christmas dinner with fresh courage.

For example, come up with a very laborious dessert that will require you to spend a long time in the kitchen. Pastéis de nata for example :)

Of course these tips are a bit tongue-in-cheek, but we all know that Christmas with the family can be quite a challenge. But with a good dose of humor and a little creativity you can survive these days with ease! So put on that ugly Christmas sweater and keep these tips in mind if things get too much for you. And above all, enjoy that crazy family of yours.

🎄 Merry Christmas!

The author - Rinske Claus

Rinske is the brain behind the super cool webshop Crazy goat (gives humor to your interior!). She makes a modern version of the good old tile wisdom with a funny twist. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat and loves pizza. Rinske's blog posts >

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