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Summer is finally here, a little later than planned, but that shouldn't spoil the fun. And nothing is as changeable as the weather... So if you're a real summer fan, here are some smart tips to hold on to summer as long as possible. A summery and colorful interior ensures that you feel better and enjoy that summery holiday feeling for a long time. We'll tell you exactly how to do that on the basis of 5 handy interior tips .

Tip 1: A light base

A summery interior is best created by taking color into account. For example, the summer months are very long and are therefore dominated by light. You can enhance this summer light by opting for an interior with light tones. You will discover that the color white forms a good basis for the rest of the interior. In addition, white immediately makes the room feel more spacious!

Tip 2: Unpack with color

The color white is perhaps a bit monotonous and therefore not quite what you are looking for or expect from a summery interior. Complement the light shades with bright, popping and playful colors . It is advisable to unpack especially with the home accessories. You can easily replace these when you are ready for something new.

Tip 3: Natural materials

You can also create a summery interior by playing with materials. Natural materials in particular contribute to a bright and summery appearance. For example, combine a nice wicker rug with wooden photo frames and linen cushions on the sofa. Here too you do not have to make large investments, a nice wooden stool immediately knows how to give your interior a different atmosphere.

natural home accessories

Tip 4: Hang pictures

To evoke that real holiday feeling, you can hang holiday photos from previous trips throughout the house. This allows you to imagine yourself in a holiday atmosphere again and you keep reminiscing for months. “Remember then? That was a really nice vacation! And where will we go next year?” Suddenly the holidays don't seem so far away...

Tip 5: Bring nature into your home

Plants and flowers should not be missing in a summer interior. In the summer months everything is in bloom and that can certainly be reflected in your interior. Bring green into your home by putting a colorful bouquet on the table or go for some nice cacti in beautiful pots. Not only does it look summery, but it also smells very nice. This creates the perfect look & feel!

nature at home

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