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This year marks 10 years since the Rijksmuseum reopened after its renovation and the Rijkswachters were created. During the long-term renovation of the Rijksmuseum, the precious works of art were stored in wooden crates. When the museum reopened, these crates were redundant. Studio Hamerhaai, led by Nikki and Boudewijn, reused these crates and created unique wooden robots: the Rijkswachters.

Each Rijkswachter is unique in its print and design and has its own story. You can order these Dutch Design Rijkswachters at Happlify Crew Member maison KOOS . You can choose from three sizes, extra small, small and medium.

What treasure has yours guarded?

Win a National Guard - maison KOOS The nice thing is that you can discover which art treasure your Rijkswachter has guarded. Each Rijkswachter has a unique number that you can enter on the Studio Hamerhaai website to reveal the art that was once guarded. That's fun and educational at the same time, great fun to explore that with children! Read here how Kirsten and her children discovered which treasures their Gendarmerie guarded. The Rijkswachters are not only fun for art lovers, but also as an original and sustainable maternity gift, birthday gift or decorative eye-catcher in your interior.

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