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Cycling in the Netherlands is often seen as a necessary form of transport, something for the daily ride to work or school. Maybe even a bit old-fashioned. But it can also be completely different. Cycling can be your solution to break the routine, to rediscover nature, and to exercise more in a fun way. In this article you can read how cycling in the spring is anything but boring. We share beautiful routes, tips for the perfect picnic on two wheels, and how many calories you burn with an hour of pedaling. Ready?

Exploring hidden gems

The Netherlands, with a mega network of cycle paths, offers some of the most varied cycle routes in the world. From the rolling hills in the south to the vast polders and historic cities, there is something for every cyclist.

One of the highlights is the LF Maas route (long!), which takes you along the winding Maas through picturesque villages and breathtaking nature. Then there is the Rondje Deltawerken route, where you experience the impressive Dutch battle against water up close, a journey that is both awe-inspiring and inspiring. Not to forget, the route through the Hoge Veluwe, where the combination of art, culture and nature offers a unique cycling experience. And for those who want to experience the floral beauty of the Netherlands, the Bulb Region Route is a must, especially in spring when the fields come to life in an explosion of colors. These routes show the Netherlands at its best, and make every bike ride an unforgettable experience. Source: Stayokay

exploring bulb fields by bike

Picnic perfection

What is a spring bike ride without a delicious picnic? With a little preparation you can turn your bike ride into a culinary adventure:

  • Picnic basket, but different
    Transform your bicycle bag or basket into the ultimate picnic carrier. Use cooler bags to keep your snacks fresh and don't forget the blanket for that soft spot in the grass.

  • Local delicacies
    Fill your picnic basket with produce from local markets or farms. Think freshly baked bread, artisanal cheeses, and seasonal fruit. Good for the local economy and irresistibly tasty! It's great to plan a nice route for that too.

  • Sustainable enjoyment
    Reduce waste by bringing reusable packaging and cutlery. This way you not only ensure a tasty, but also a green picnic.

A well-planned picnic gives your bike ride an extra purpose and also gives you a perfect moment to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

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Cycling is SUPER healthy

Don't forget that, in addition to adventure and sightseeing, cycling is also very healthy. It is an effective, accessible way to get your daily exercise, keep your heart healthy and boost your mental well-being. Do you have any idea how many calories you burn with an hour of pedaling? On average, a person burns about 400 to 700 calories per hour cycling. That's comparable to a strong session in the gym, but in the fresh air!

In fact, cycling regularly can reduce your risk of chronic disease and promote a more positive state of mind at the same time. And let's face it, the chance to get outside and experience spring makes any bike ride so much more than just a workout.

Bonus tip for safety

Using a good phone holder on your bike transforms your smartphone into a safe and convenient navigation device. Instead of having to awkwardly take your phone out of your pocket or stop to check directions, a phone holder for your bike ensures that your screen is clearly visible without compromising your safety on the road. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while easily following your route. Plus, it helps you stay hands-free, allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel.

Long story short

Cycling in the spring is an experience that goes beyond just getting from A to B. It's a chance to experience the season, to discover new places and to enjoy the freedom on two wheels. With these tips you can turn every bike ride into an adventure that is anything but boring. Get on your bike this spring and be surprised by what the Netherlands has to offer. Who knows what hidden gems and unforgettable moments you will find along the way!

Image: Unsplash

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