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Although we like to pursue an offline lifestyle with Happlify, we occasionally find something on the internet that is worth sharing. Internet is not such a bad place, you often find the most wonderful things. Take the YouTube channel of Li Ziqi , a 'Chinese Oriental Lifestyle Foodie', as she describes herself. Also known as 'China's most mysterious internet celebrity' and we LOVE her channel! Read on why...

Li Ziqi's videos take you to a fairytale place, where blossoms, snowflakes, puppies and lambs seem to go together forever. The cool filtered image shows how a young woman lives in rural China.

9 million followers faithfully watch how Li quietly prepares authentic dishes, makes a woolen cape from scratch (complete with sheep, spinning wheel, paint from berries she picks, etc.) and all this somewhere high in the mountains in the middle of breathtaking nature .

Li shows a lifestyle that we are secretly jealous of... Below my own personal favorite videos. Dream away, have fun.

Hand-knotted and -dyed lambswool cape

Making treats for the Spring Festival

Make your own furniture from bamboo (yes dude, apple egg)

One more to unlearn

Beautiful right? A lovely spot on the internet if you ask me.

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Mariko Naber
Author - Mariko Naber
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