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It doesn't matter how young or old you are, almost everyone experiences the outdoors as pleasant and relaxing. Scientific research also shows time and time again that nature has a positive influence on our well-being. Below we list five reasons why you should fully enjoy the outdoors!

1 - The outdoors makes you happier

When we are outside, especially in sunlight and bright daylight, we produce the happiness hormone serotonin. A lack of daylight can affect your mood, with winter depression being an extreme example. Even in the dark months, a dose of fresh air does wonders for your mood.

2 - Being outside reduces stress

The sounds of nature and the fresh air have a calming effect. Studies show that heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension drop within a few minutes in a natural environment. So if you want to reduce stress, take a walk in nature.

3 - Fresh air supports your body

Our body needs natural daylight. It provides us with vitamin D, which is essential for our resistance and calcium absorption. A moment outside can also improve your concentration, whether it's in a park or in your own garden.

4 - Outdoor air is healthier

Although we spend most of our time indoors, the air quality there is often not optimal. Modern homes are well insulated, but this can sometimes be at the expense of a healthy indoor climate. A solution? Spend more time outside and ventilate your home regularly.

5 - Nature improves your brain function

The outdoors can increase your creativity and concentration. The fresh breeze and the smells and sounds of nature stimulate your senses and make you alert and focused.

While there are plenty of reasons to get outside, it can sometimes be a challenge on cold or rainy days. But there are solutions that allow you to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. A patio cover with a sliding glass wall , for example from ForaVida , ensures that you can enjoy your garden and outdoor life to the full, regardless of the season. This way you combine the best of both worlds!

Image: Unsplash

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