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Lose weight, stop smoking, drink less, move more. Been there, done that. We are now familiar with such intentions. That's why these New Year's resolutions are fun and doable. pick one...

Nice intentions that can be kept

1 Stop procrastinating...tomorrow.

Stop trying to fit into my high school skinny jeans.

Stop saying "YOLO" and start actually living by that motto.

4 Try to remember people's names.

5 Quit too much Netflixing and do something really productive... like rewatching all the Harry Potter movies.

6 Learn to cook something different from the standard weekly recipes.

7 Finally use your gym subscription.

8 Stop using your phone as a substitute for human interaction.

9 Detox from social media.

10 Try to take life less seriously and have more fun.

And here are the three best resolutions for an exciting new year

1 - Try something new

Take the opportunity and try a new hobby, sport or activity that you have always been interested in. This could be skydiving, learning to play an instrument, or traveling to a new place.

2 - Set big goals

It's important to challenge yourself and set goals that take you out of your comfort zone. This can be a personal goal, such as running a marathon, or a professional goal, such as starting your own business .

3 - Be more spontaneous

Sometimes the best experiences come from letting go of your plans and embracing the unknown. Make a conscious effort to be more spontaneous and open to new experiences. This could mean trying new dishes, attending a random event, or taking a last-minute trip.

Some extra inspiration 

Stop procrastinating... next week.

Stop saying "this is my year" and actually make it true.

Stop using emojis to express my emotions and learn to use words again.

Stop buying books and start reading the ones you already are.

Stop using "LOL" if you're not actually laughing.

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet without making a wrinkly mess.

Stop making unrealistic New Year's resolutions and stick to the ones you can actually reach.

Stop giving in to my cravings and eat more veggies.

Stop saying "I start tomorrow" and start today.

Quit my social media addiction and spend more time in the real world.

Stop making excuses and actually fulfill your obligations.

Stop procrastinating on your procrastination and actually get things done.

Stop complaining and focus on the good things in my life.

Stop saying "I don't have time" and make time for the things that matter.

Stop using "sorry" as a filler word and only use it when I really mean it.

Stop trying to be perfect and embrace your flaws. You are just right the way you are!

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