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Spring is just around the corner, and that means it's time to shake up your wardrobe and renew it with a new statement piece. This season there are several brands that stand out. Each brand represents a unique approach to fashion, from the innovative designs of Marine Serre to the unmistakable elegance of Lanvin Paris. Dive into the world of luxury and discover the brands that will make a statement this spring.

Daily Paper

Daily Paper continues to be a pioneer in the fashion industry with its fresh take on urban chic. This Amsterdam brand, which has roots in African culture, distinguishes itself this spring with collections rich in colors, patterns and stories. The focus is on celebrating heritage through modern silhouettes and striking designs, perfect for the woman who wants to live life with both style and meaning.

Daily Paper's spring collection pays tribute to strong women around the world. By using sustainable materials and craftsmanship, Daily Paper offers garments that are both beautiful and conscious. A must-have for every wardrobe this season.

Marine Conservatory

Marine Serre continues to innovate with her futuristic approach to fashion. This season she introduces a collection that puts sustainability first, with recycled materials and ecologically conscious designs. Her signature moon print returns in several pieces, which provides a recognizable yet always innovative look.

Marine Serre's spring collection is a manifesto of fashion as a means for change. By choosing Marine Serre, you choose a wardrobe that is not only stylish, but also has a positive impact on the planet.

Lanvin Paris

As one of the oldest fashion houses, Lanvin Paris surprises every season with timeless elegance. This spring the focus is on subtle luxury and refined silhouettes, with a palette of soft pastel colors that fit perfectly with spring. Lanvin Paris is synonymous with femininity and class, and offers the ideal outfits for every occasion.

This season's collection pays tribute to Parisian chic, with items that are both modern and timeless. A Lanvin Paris piece in your wardrobe provides an instant upgrade to your spring look.

Heron Preston

Heron Preston approaches fashion with a unique mix of streetwear and high fashion. His spring collection is full of bold prints, innovative materials and striking colors. Perfect for the woman who likes to experiment with her style and is not afraid to stand out.

This spring, Heron Preston offers clothing that breaks the boundaries of traditional fashion, ideal for the adventurous and fashion-conscious woman. Each piece tells a story, so you not only wear an outfit, but also make a statement.

Heron Preston x H&M


Dsquared2 is known for its edgy and provocative approach to fashion. This season is no exception, with a collection that pushes the boundaries of traditional women's fashion. By playing with contrasts – think of masculine cuts combined with feminine details, Dsquared2 creates items that are both powerful and seductive.

Dsquared2's spring line challenges the status quo and invites women to embrace their individuality and self-confidence. From tailored blazers to sophisticated dresses, each piece embodies the brand's unconventional aesthetic.


Nanushka is taking a pioneering role in the field of sustainable luxury. With an emphasis on vegan materials and ethical production processes, the brand offers a collection this spring that is both beautiful and responsible. The designs combine minimalist aesthetics with comfort, resulting in stylish and wearable clothing.

Nanushka's spring collection is an ode to the modern woman who values ​​sustainability, without sacrificing style. The calm colors and soft fabrics make each piece a spring essential.

Kenzo by Nigo

Kenzo, led by creative director Nigo, promises a spring full of vibrancy and color. The collection is a perfect blend of Kenzo's Japanese roots and Nigo's streetwear influences, with bold patterns and vibrant colors that welcome spring. This collection is perfect for the woman who likes to play with color and patterns in her outfits.

The spring line from Kenzo by Nigo is a celebration of innovation and creativity. It's an invitation to fill your wardrobe with pieces that are as unique as you are. Each item from this collection is sure to turn heads and take your look to the next level.

Get inspired

This spring season is all about innovation and sustainability, with a focus on individuality and the celebration of culture. The latest collections, from Daily Paper's colorful tribute to strong women to Marine Serre's ecological responsibility and Lanvin Paris' timeless elegance, invite us to consciously choose fashion that reflects our values. These brands prove that fashion is more than clothes; it is an extension of our story. Be inspired by these diverse styles and make this season unforgettable with your unique style. It's time to renew your wardrobe and express yourself with pieces that truly resonate with who you are.

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