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We have a mega soft spot for miniatures here. DIY packages , mouse shops , mini croissants , you name it. So anything that is small (or has eyes) immediately catches our/my eye. So here's something tiny with eyes: Your rock in a bottle, with glitter and an optional mini package... It couldn't get crazier.

You can shop these cute little bottles at EydavyBottles on Etsy. Mini bottles and boxes have been glued and folded there since 2015 and with 13,400+ reviews they are probably doing something right.

A gift with meaning

The unique thing about this specific You Rock bottle is that it functions as a greeting card, decoration and a sweet keepsake in one. You can express your special moments and memories with this cute little bottle, personalized with a photo to make it a little more special and unforgettable.

You also have the option to personalize it with your own message and name. This way you are absolutely assured of a very unique gift for every occasion. How nice is that?

You rock tiny bottle

And then the packaging...

This special gift comes with different packaging options, making it ready to give as soon as you receive it. Whether you choose the standard packaging, the Tiny Postal Package (as a miniature package), within a cloud, the Love Box, Christmas mail packaging, or a floating frame made of natural wood in the shape of a house or with a triangular base; there is an option for every occasion.

mini package

Perfect gift for any occasion

Whether it's a birthday, a special occasion, or just to let someone know you're thinking of them; this personalized bottle is a super fun and unique way to express your feelings. It is a lasting memory of a special moment or person.

Do you also want to surprise someone with this unique gift? Then visit EydavyBottles on Etsy and choose the perfect bottle for your special someone. Because remember, it's the little things that make life happier!

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