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With screen time increasingly under fire, it's surprising to discover that watching TV can also have positive effects. Yes, you read that right. Besides the well-known disadvantages, the right use of good old television can help increase empathy, expand cultural knowledge and even improve relationships through shared viewing experiences. Read here about the unexpected benefits of watching TV and get tips for a good old-fashioned TV evening together at home.

Improving relationships through shared experiences

Especially now that we all own at least one screen (phone, tablet, etc.), watching programs together can strengthen relationships. Sharing laughs, the suspense of cliffhangers, or even debating plot twists creates a communal experience that brings people closer together. In families, shared TV time can serve as an accessible way to spend time together and spark conversations.

Contribute to mindfulness and relaxation

Unlike endless swiping on cell phones and scrolling through social media, watching TV can provide a more mindful form of relaxation. Choosing a program and focusing entirely on it can help you escape the stress and worries of everyday life. Watching TV, if done consciously, can be a form of mindfulness, where you are completely absorbed in the moment and the content.

Watching TV mindfully

Strengthening empathy and cultural knowledge

Research shows that quality content (!) on television can contribute to developing empathy. By viewing stories from different perspectives, viewers gain insight into the lives and challenges of others. This can help build deeper understanding and compassion for people from diverse backgrounds.

Furthermore, television can act as a window to the world, exposing viewers to new cultures, ideas and ways of life. It can stimulate curiosity and encourage further research or even travel to experience cultures in real life.

Tips for selecting programs

  1. Choose consciously
    Select programs that contribute to personal growth or that offer new perspectives. Documentaries, educational series or just positive programs that make you happy are good options.

  2. Variety is key
    Alternate genres to develop different aspects of empathy and knowledge. A mix of comedy, drama, documentary and educational content can provide a rich viewing experience.

  3. Family-friendly content
    For joint viewing, choose programs that are suitable for all ages and that you can talk about later.

๐Ÿ’ก Go crazy and buy an old-fashioned paper TV guide for a week (they're still there!). Highlight the really fun programs of that week and make time for them.

Tips for a pleasant TV evening at home

  1. Make it comfortable
    Provide a relaxing viewing environment with plenty of pillows, blankets and maybe even a hut of pillows for the kids.

  2. Snacks and drinks
    Prepare some tasty snacks and drinks to enjoy while watching. Popcorn, nachos or homemade pizza are always a hit.

  3. Digital detox
    Put cell phones on silent or simply put them in another room to fully immerse yourself in the viewing experience and really spend time together. Do you really want to learn to spend less time on your cell phone? Then check out our Digital Detox .

  4. Thematic evenings
    Organize thematic viewing evenings based on genres or cultures. For example, an Italian movie night with matching Italian snacks.

  5. Discussion afterwards
    After watching, take some time to talk about what you saw. This can lead to interesting conversations and new insights.

Upgrade your viewing experience

Consider upgrading your television to further enhance your viewing experience. A new smart TV can provide access to a wide range of streaming services and apps, greatly increasing your freedom of choice in what you watch. For advice on the latest models and features that can enhance your viewing pleasure, it is useful to consult a good television purchasing website. This way you ensure that you invest in a model that suits your needs and those of your family, whether you are looking for the best image quality, smart functions or energy efficiency.

Long story short

Television, like any medium, has both positive and negative sides. However, consciously choosing and using TV content can lead to surprisingly positive effects on a personal and relational level. By selecting quality programs and integrating TV viewing as a mindful activity, it can be a source of relaxation, education and connection. So grab the remote control, choose your program carefully and get ready for a great TV evening.

Image: Unsplash

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