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Now that autumn has set in, the holidays are inevitably approaching. A wonderful time with beautiful traditions to look forward to, but secretly also quite stressful. Because where do we celebrate Christmas, with whom and how do we do the gifts. It's actually always a hassle.

That's why I propose to get a little organized this year, starting with good preparation. Are you reading along?

Happlify Holiday Gift Guide

For your shopping convenience, you will also find the Holiday Gift Guide 2021 with us this year. Here you will only find happy Sinterklaas and Christmas gifts from the best webshops in the Netherlands and Belgium. Small gifts that you can send by post or put in a shoe, unforgettable surprises for lovely people, shoe presents, practical gifts, small things or just that one luxurious wish on the wish list...

Get inspired here and keep an eye on the Happlify blog anyway. There will be many tips and facts about the holidays in the near future, so that you can experience the coming time as pleasantly as possible. The guide is often supplemented and shaken up, so sign up here and we will email you when the gift tips have been supplemented again.

Happlify Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for him

Do you find it difficult to be original for your friend, husband, brother, grandfather or father - in short, gifts for him ? We've got your back! Because how nice is it to give a gift that makes him really happy. Something unforgettable that he will not soon forget. Those are the best gifts, right? Here are three great tips. 

Tip 1 - Happy socks

New to the Happy Socks menu, this 4-pack Food Lover socks gift set contains three ingredients, delicious pizzas, a mix of your favorite junk food, delicious burgers with fries and a sizzling barbecue pattern. Happy Socks are not just any socks. The nicest socks ever come from Sweden. They have unique patterns, inspired by the most creative artists in the world. Check out the latest styles in the wide selection of colorful socks and underwear. Happy Socks Food Lover Gift Box

Tip 2 - Flying in a helicopter

Helicopter flight (12 min) and cruising with a Segway (30 min) for 1

It could be crazier... Because however you get used to it; most men like to do men's things. Plank gas racing (on a circuit) and how about flying in a helicopter ? All possible and all to give as an unforgettable gift. In the Netherlands and Belgium a Helicopter/Segway adventure is now easy to book. Including guidance during a safe, beautiful and above all memorable adventure. A breathtaking experience! Helicopter/Segway adventure

Tip 3 - Romantic way to Bruges together

Magical weekend in a 4-star hotel in Bruges

Last but not least, something that secretly also helps you. sssh. A wonderful overnight stay in a 4-star luxury hotel in Bruges and surroundings (the choice is yours). After a delicious breakfast it is time to discover all the beauty that this medieval city has to offer. Stroll through the cozy streets and take a boat trip on the enchanting canals of Bruges. The historic city center is breathtaking and getting away together often works wonders. Magical weekend in Bruges

Gifts for her

Happlify your life book

In fact, choosing a gift for your girlfriend, mother, wife, sister or grandmother is the hardest part, because there are so many nice things to buy. Do you want to give something that really suits her? Then take a good look at that one. What are her hobbies, what makes her happy, what is her need? If you know someone a little, it's not that hard to find out. Otherwise, scan through her Instagram account, you'll probably find a clue. Our Holidays Gift Guide is of course full of fun, with one of our Happlify Crew members you will succeed! Here's one gift tip that will make every woman happy. Happlify your life book €20 - still available to order with the free online reminder worth €47

Do you know a nice tip? Share it with us below!

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