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Now that many of us have to miss grandma and mom for a long time, you want to be together the most. Fortunately, we can call (video) and there will come a time when we can really meet again. But in such a strange time as now you start to look differently at the contact you had before. Memories and questions arise and then comes the realization that life is very fragile. That realization came to Elma van Vliet in 2004. Her mother became seriously ill that year. Elma realized how much more she wanted to ask her mother...

This is how the book ' Mom, tell me... ' was born, full of questions big and small about the life of Elma's mother. She gave it to her mother as a gift as a way to tell her how much she loved her.

The completed book she received back exceeded Elma's expectations, she literally received a wealth of information from her mother. A book full of stories and photos and facts unknown to Elma. The blank book of questions filled once, a precious gift that made Elma even closer to her mother. Not much later she shared this happiness, the book was published and it was in the shop.

Over a million books

15 years later, ' Mom, Tell me... ' is available in 16 countries and has sold nearly a million copies worldwide. What started with one book grew into a whole series of products for mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. Gifts to make real contact, really taking the time for the people who mean the most to us.

Mom, tell me... and Grandma, tell me... are $20.99 each.

Now even more beautiful

In honor of the fifteenth year that Elma's books exist, each one has been provided with a festive new design. The implementation is now even nicer than before and the questions have received a small update. If you ask us, such a beautiful fill-in book is the perfect Mother's Day gift (May 10). It is easy to order and fits through the letterbox. Maybe it's even filled in if you can give each other a big hug again.

Grandma, tell me...

There is also a fill-in book especially for grandmothers, entirely aimed at grandmothers of course: ' Grandma, tell me... '. If it is difficult for your grandmother to fill in the book herself, you can of course do it together. Make dates to capture her life story step by step. Talk to her with this book, so it will become a unique document of you together.

Did you have a pet name for me?

The books are full of questions that make you smile and move you. It's really about your mother or grandmother, yourself and the bond you had and have. Here are a few random questions that you may encounter. I am sure you will be surprised by the answers. Can you imagine how much fun you can do with that again? Win-win-win!

  • Which restaurant would you like to eat in? And with who?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • How do you make yourself laugh so much?

Have a chance to win such a beautiful book

Speaking of winning... Besides the festive renewal of the books, we have even more happy news. Happlify can raffle the latest editions of ' Mom, tell me… ' and ' Grandma, tell me…' ! We do that through Instagram.

How to win 'Mom, tell me…'

Can you use this beautiful fill-in book? Would you like to win it to give your mother as a gift for Mother's Day? Then take a gamble and join in. Exactly how you have a chance to win 'Mom, tell me…' is actually very simple. Watch:
1 - Follow @happlify on Instagram
2 - Leave a 💛 in a comment under this MAM post
3 - Optional: Tag someone who would also like this book.

How to win 'Grandma, tell me…'

Would you like to surprise your grandmother extra this year with this special edition for grandmothers? It is extra fun to complete the book together. What a beautiful prospect! Here's how exactly you can win 'OMA, tell me…':
1 - Follow @happlify on Instagram
2 - Leave a 💛 in a comment under this OMA post
3 - Optional: tag someone who would also like this book!

Conditions of the giveaway

  • the giveaway is from 16 to 30 April 2020
  • everyone can participate in the giveaway
  • how do you stand a chance? 1 – Follow @happlify | 2 – Leave a 💛 in the comment under this (mom) post or this (grandma) post | 3 - Optional*: tag someone who would also like this book. (*tagging has no effect on your chance of winning)
  • after April 30, 2020 we will draw the winners and announce them. Keep an eye on Instagram for this
  • the winners themselves will also be contacted personally
  • the winner of a book then has 24 hours to claim her or his prize
  • the prizes: 1 x the hardcover book 'Mam, tell me…' by Elma van Vliet worth €20.99 euros and 1 x the hardcover book 'Grandma, tell me…' by Elma van Vliet worth €20.99 euros, not exchangeable
  • this promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, organized or associated with Instagram and/or other social media used in this giveaway

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Happy thoughts

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