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Red is such a popping, expressive color. It makes you fiery and sometimes stressed and worked up, but the color of love and friendship is so much more than that. Below are 10 facts about the color red. Get inspired!

1 Wealth

According to feng shui, it is beneficial to paint the front door red as it would attract wealth and prosperity.

Red door brings happiness

2 Afraid of red

Erythrophobia is a phobia of the color red. People who have this fear try to avoid the color as much as possible and do not eat red food, for example. I shouldn't be thinking of a life without tomato sauce...

afraid of red

3 Win

Sports teams that wear red clothes win more often than teams that wear blue clothes or another color. This has to do with the fact that the color red has a subconscious and intimidating effect on the opponent.

Win with red

4 Exam stress

Seeing the color red during an exam reduces performance. This has to do with the fact that we are used to mistakes being marked with a red pen and red being automatically interpreted by the brain as mistake and failure during an exam.

exam stress

5 Buzz buzz

Bees cannot perceive the color red. Flower varieties that are red are usually pollinated by birds, butterflies and the wind, but not by bees.

Bees and red

6 Lucky color

Red in China symbolizes happiness and cheerfulness. The color is therefore also strictly forbidden at Chinese funerals, because it is traditionally such a happy color. For the sake of luck, a red wedding dress is worn in China instead of white, because this will bring good luck.

Lucky color red

7 Baby Can

A baby only sees black and white at birth. This changes to a few months and red is the first color they can see.

Babies see black and white

8 XX

Women can distinguish more shades of red than men. This is because the gene that allows us to see red is on the X chromosome, of which females have two and males have only one.

Shades of red

9 Heartbeat

The color red activates your adrenal glands, increases your blood pressure and your breathing and heart rate. Too much exposure to the color also causes stress.

Stress and heart rate with the color red

10 Date

If you're going on a date soon, it's best to wear a red dress. Women are considered more attractive when they wear a red dress than when they wear a different color dress.

Inspired by red?

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