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“One more game mom.” - if you have children, you know this mantra inside out. It can be maddening, repeatedly plucking children from behind the screen like a police officer. Reducing stimuli seems impossible with addictive, way-too-fun games and social media dances. How? The answer is: with a book. With a good, imaginative book!

Because, yes, they exist. Books that appeal to the imagination and that children want to get lost in without complaining. We have collected three for you that guarantee reading pleasure, even in the back of the car - on the way to the holiday destination. Although these copies are also so beautiful that you can take them with you as a surprise before going to bed.

Why is reading good for children?

Why is reading for children so important?

  1. Relaxation . It is important to read for everyone of any age, because reading relaxes.
  2. Fantasy . Because you create images in your head from words, you develop your own fantasy world and you can easily get into a nice flow .
  3. Vocabulary . A world opens up for you if you can recognize words. As you read more, your vocabulary develops and school (in short) becomes a bit easier.
  4. Social development . Yes even that! Because by reading books you gain insight into different emotions and characters and how you react to each other.

Source: Squla

Book tips

You see, you can't start early enough: books. Here are the three books that have just been published and are selling like hot cakes.

Tip 1 - The NEEhoorn

A small, fluffy unicorn is born in the Delicious Heart Forest. Although everyone thinks he's incredibly sweet and feeds him sugared lucky grass, he doesn't behave like a unicorn at all. He constantly says NO to everything, so his family calls him the NOhorn. One day the NEEhorn escapes from the Heartwood and meets a raccoon who doesn't want to listen, a dog who really doesn't like anything and a princess who doesn't agree with anything. They go out together. Because being grumpy together is much more fun! ORDER HERE

Tip 2 - When caterpillar became a butterfly

Early one morning, when Caterpillar is sitting in his cocoon waiting to become a butterfly, he meets Mayfly. She has just started the first and last day of her life and does not have time to wait with him. Once he has emerged from his cocoon, Butterfly is eager to show Mayfly how beautiful he has become. But where has she gone? Follow Butterfly on his quest through the garden and meet Earworm, who wants a new name. Look at the world with Torretje's wonderful gaze, and go on a ticklish adventure with the Oak Processionary Caterpillars. And when Firefly turns off his light, it's time for you too to go to sleep... ORDER HERE

Tip 3 - Flavor ghosts

Puck is nine years old and lives with her father, chef Maro, above his popular restaurant. After the death of her mother, the two of them now live there. Puck misses her mother terribly and her father is always busy at work. She wants nothing more than to help him, but he thinks she is still too young, because 'you have to learn to taste good'.
When she shares this sadness with her cat one evening, the first of seven Taste Ghosts comes to visit. These colorful characters – salty, spicy, sour, fatty, umami, bitter and sweet – kidnap Puck to their worlds. They teach her all about their unique powers there. But can they teach Puck to taste so well that she can finally help Maro in his kitchen? ORDER HERE

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