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Spring is here, which means it's high time to swing open the doors and enjoy the sunshine. And what's even better: we can finally pull the kids away from their screens without (too much) effort to experience a real adventure in the fresh air. Because honestly, what could be more fun than experiencing adventures together under the blue sky? Are you lucky enough to have a garden at your house? Then you have the gold in your hands to create your own play paradise, a private Monkey Town, but without other screaming children and outside. Win win! This way the kids can romp around and you are assured of a relaxing moment for yourself with a glass of wine on the lounge set . They have the adventure, you have the peace and quiet: the perfect happy spring deal!

With a few simple additions you can create an environment where your children can play, learn and explore safely for hours. Here are 5 tips to transform your garden into an outdoor monkey town, full of adventure and fun.

Tip 1 - Jump to new heights with a trampoline

Placing a trampoline in the garden is perhaps the fastest way to see happy children's faces. Besides being a source of endless entertainment, it also helps with the physical development of your children. They learn to balance, coordinate and build their muscle strength, all while having the time of their lives. Choose a trampoline with a safety net to make playing fun as safe as possible. Not only fun for the kids...

This is the Salta Combo - Trampoline with safety net - 305 x 214 cm

Tip 2 - Dig for treasures in your own sandbox

A sandbox is the perfect place for little explorers to develop their motor skills. They can dig, build, and make shapes with the sand. For extra fun and learning, hide small toy treasures in the sand for a treasure hunt. Choose a sandbox with a lid to keep the sand clean and free of animals when not in use.

Who doesn't know it, the shell sandbox? You use one side as a sandbox, the other as a lid and paddling pool. Sandbox shell 2-piece €34.90 (also available in pink and green)

Tip 3 - A wooden playhouse: fantasy comes to life

There's nothing like having your own space where your child can let his or her imagination run wild. A wooden playhouse is not only aesthetically attractive, but also offers children their own 'house' in which they can lose themselves in their play. Whether they start their own shop, furnish a house for their dolls or go on an adventure in a world of their own making, a playhouse stimulates creativity and independence.

This house is every child's dream, available via Bol.com . There are also smaller ones ;)

Tip 4 - Create magical moments with a tepee tent

A tepee tent in the garden offers a unique, cozy play area for children. It's the perfect place for reading books, playing board games or simply daydreaming. A teepee tent encourages role play and offers a quiet place where children can retreat for a while. Moreover, it is a stylish addition to any garden.

An indoor teepee tent can also be used outside when the weather is nice. Sunny Alba Tipi Tent made of FSC wood and cotton €79.95 Sunny Alba Tipi Tent Cream/White for children

Tip 5 - Float through the air with a swing

A swing should not be missing in any children's garden. The feeling of freedom and flying as they swing back and forth is irresistible for many children. It also helps develop good balance and coordination. Whether it's a traditional swing, a tire swing or a nest swing , children will enjoy the simple fun that a swing provides.

Several children (max. 3) can play on this nest swing at the same time. Also great for sunbathing when they are at school. Available via Bol.com €79.95

Transforming your garden into your own outdoor play paradise is a great way to encourage your children to play outside more and enjoy the fresh air. These playground equipment not only invite active play, but also stimulate the creativity, independence and physical development of your children. The adventure starts in your own backyard!

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