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Eh, a bit early, but certainly no less fun. As the biggest sucker for feel good, we naturally LOVE Christmas commercials here, especially after such a dreary year like this. And while the streets are decorated with colorful lights and the holidays are really approaching, there is one tradition that brings a little anticipation and reflection every year: the Christmas commercials that remind us of the true meaning of the holidays.

In this blog post we take you on a journey through the most moving, creative and inspiring Christmas commercials of 2023. So, crawl under a blanket, pour yourself some hot chocolate and binge the 10 most beautiful Christmas commercials here.

โค๏ธ FUN! Let us know in a comment which commercial you like best.

1 - Amazon

Sweet, snowy, nostalgic and to the point too. Not long, just right :)

2 - Capital One

If you ask what is our number 1 priority, it is definitely this one. John Travolta makes the best Santa Claus ever, give that man a Christmas movie!

3 - Shelter

And this one hits you in the heart.

4 - Boots

Nice and cozy, too bad we no longer have Boots in the Netherlands.

5 - Deutsche Telekom

The most important question indeed...

6 - TK Maxx

Cozy +1 and snow +1.

7 - Duracell

Nicely animated but not very memorable.

8 - Krogers

A sweet animation, with the realization that time flies!!

9 - Michael Hill

Tears here.

10 Coca Cola

The inventor of Santa Claus as we know him. You can't expect anything less from it. The message is also good: anyone can be Santa Claus (always).

๐Ÿ’ฌ Tell us, which one is your absolute number 1, what are your top 3 or have you seen another Christmas commercial that is worth sharing? Let us know in a comment below.

Image: screenshot Capitol One commercial
Source: Ad formation

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