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A while ago we thoroughly cleaned and freshened up our office. Some cupboards gone, DVD archive in the attic and things like that. Once we were done we had space and a wall left. And so the search for neon lighting began. In the context of letting go and not dwelling too much on things over which you have no influence, it became 'Not my circus, not my monkeys! as you can see. Do you also want to have your own neon lighting made? Read how to do that here.

Whether it's a catchy quote, your favorite symbol or the name of your company, a personalized neon lamp can be a striking addition to any space.

Why your own neon lamp?

Neon lighting not only offers a retro atmosphere but also adds a modern and personal touch to any environment. Whether in your living room, office, or even in your man cave, a neon lamp attracts attention and serves as an expressive decor piece. The great thing about neon is that it is completely customizable, allowing you to create unique and personal designs that no one else has.

The design process

1 - Inspiration : Start collecting inspiration. This could be anything; from a quote that inspires you, a company name, to a shape or figure that appeals to you. Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy are great places to get ideas.

2 - Design : Once you have an idea of ​​what you want, it's time to start developing your design. Where we ordered the lamp, you can choose from 36 excellent fonts. From old school, wild to sleek and modern, there is bound to be something for you.

3 - Colors and sizes : Think about the color(s) of your neon lamp and the desired size. This depends on where you want to place the lamp and what impact you want it to have. There are 12 colors to choose from, but we couldn't figure it out ourselves so quickly, so we ordered the RGB option. This allows you to simply change the color to whatever color you want with a remote control. Useful. Also indicate that you need an EU or Dutch plug. And that's it.

    Communicate clearly what you want

    Be very clear what you want, communication with the maker went very smoothly. And then you have to wait a while, but then you have something. You will receive the screws and plugs, hang them properly and your beautiful wall of light is ready.

    Making your own neon lamp is a fun process that results in a unique piece of decoration that can provide years of pleasure. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your interior or a striking decoration for your business, neon lighting offers endless possibilities for personalization. The possibilities are endless!

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