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At Happlify we know how important it is to shop safely online. That is why all our Happlify Crew Member webshops are guaranteed safe and reliable. Unfortunately, there are many scammers active online who create fake websites to steal your money and personal information. In this blog post we give you some useful tips to distinguish a real online store from a scammer.

A recent investigation by RTL Nieuws reveals that a Chinese criminal gang has killed tens of thousands of Dutch victims with fake web shops. These websites impersonate popular brands such as Nike, Big Green Egg and Tommy Hilfiger, resulting in stolen private and banking information from unsuspecting consumers. The damage runs into millions of euros, with more than a hundred new fake websites popping up every day.

Useful tips to distinguish a real online store from a scammer:

  1. Check the website address
    An important first checkpoint is the website address. Fake websites often use the name of a brand in combination with terms such as 'Netherlands', 'discount' or 'order'. This often indicates a scam. Make sure the URL has a secure connection (https://) and contains a logical and recognizable name.

  2. Pay attention to remarkably low prices
    Many fake web shops advertise with (heavily) discounted items that are always in stock. If an offer seems too good to be true, it often is. Compare the prices with other online stores to see if they are realistic. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

  3. Check the reviews
    Genuine online stores usually have many positive reviews spread across different platforms. Fake web shops often have no or very few reviews. Do a quick search for other customers' experiences to get a better idea.

  4. Look for quality marks
    Reliable web shops are often affiliated with well-known quality marks such as Webwinkelkeur . Check on the quality mark's website whether the webshop is actually registered. This can provide additional assurance that you are dealing with a reliable seller.

  5. Check the contact options
    A real online store provides clear contact information, including a physical address, telephone number and email address. Test the contact details by sending an email or calling. No response or just a generic email address is often a red flag.

  6. Credit cards and private information
    The main goal of cybercriminals is to steal credit card information. With this information they can make purchases in your name without you realizing it, often only visible when the amounts are debited from your credit card. In addition, private data such as your home address, email and telephone number are also stolen and resold via the dark web, often used for targeted phishing attacks.

  7. Protection and precautions
    Google blocks millions of fake websites every day, but unfortunately many still slip through. It is important to always be alert and follow the above tips to avoid becoming a victim of a fake online store.

Happlify Crew Members are safe and fun web shops

At Happlify we want you to be able to shop safely and with peace of mind. Our Happlify Crew Members are carefully selected and reliable, so you can enjoy your purchases without any worries. Follow the tips above to stay safe when shopping online and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of scammers. Visit the Happlify Crew Member web shops for a safe and fun shopping experience.

Do you have your own webshop?

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