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Do you ever feel those Sunday evening blues, better known as the 'Sunday Scaries'? The feeling that the weekend is coming to an end and the working week is just around the corner can sometimes be a bit oppressive. But don't worry, Happlify comes to the rescue with light-hearted and practical tips to alleviate these Sunday worries!

What are the 'Sunday Scaries'?

First let's take a small step back: what exactly are those 'Sunday scaries'? This phenomenon describes the feeling of restlessness and worry that many people experience on Sunday evenings. It is the threshold fear for the new week: a mix of melancholy that the weekend is over and mild stress for what is to come. But the good news is: you can do something about it!

Tip 1 - Plan a Sunday evening activity

One of the best ways to avoid the 'Sunday scaries' is to plan something fun for Sunday evening. This can be something simple, such as a movie night with your favorite snacks, your favorite series, a warm bath with a soothing or happy scent , or a nice dinner with friends or family. The idea is to have something to look forward to that makes Sunday evening feel more like part of the weekend than a precursor to the work week.

Tip 2 - Reflect and be grateful

Take some time on Sunday evening to look back on the fun things you did over the weekend. For example, write down three things that you are grateful for or that went well. This positive reflection helps you get into a grateful mindset and reduces stress and anxiety.

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Tip 3 - Prepare for the week

A little preparation can do wonders. For example, prepare your clothes for Monday, plan your meals for the coming week, or make a to-do list. By preparing yourself on Sunday, you relieve the pressure for Monday morning.

Tip 4 - Create a relaxing evening routine

A relaxing Sunday evening routine can help calm your mind and body. Consider activities such as meditating, reading a book, or a soothing yoga session. It's about creating a routine that helps you relax and disconnect from the stress of the upcoming week.

Tip 5 - Go to bed on time

A good night's sleep is crucial. Make sure you go to bed on time on Sunday evening, so that you can start Monday fresh and rested. A quiet sleeping environment and avoiding screens just before bedtime can help with this.

So: make every Sunday a party!

The 'Sunday scaries' don't have to spoil your weekend fun. By being aware of these feelings and acting proactively, you can transform every Sunday evening into a moment of pleasure and relaxation. Try these tips and discover how your Sundays turn into a party instead of a gloomy moment!

Finally, a nice Sunday Scaries mini meditation.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Tell me, do you have any other tips to beat the 'Sunday scaries'? Share them with us in the comments below! And don't forget, make every day a Happlify day!

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