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You can not ignore it; we live in strange times. Even though we are slowly getting used to the 'new normal', many things will not go back to how we were used to for a while. This also applies to the summer holidays. There is a chance that everyone's beloved trip abroad will be canceled. But don't worry: with these tips you can make the most of your summer holiday abroad at home!

I must honestly admit: we spend a lot of holidays in and around the house. I try to be very conscious about how often I fly and where I go and because I work freelance I find taking holidays quite difficult. That and the fact that I currently feel more comfortable with the idea of ​​not going on holiday and thus minimizing the risks related to the coronavirus make planning an awesome staycation actually very logical.

Enjoying yourself at home for an extended period of time can be quite tough and that is why I have listed a number of tips and ideas for a great staycation in this blog post.

Make a plan and a budget

First things first: for every holiday you need a plan and a budget. And contrary to what many people think, this also applies (or perhaps especially ) to the staycation . When you are on holiday at home, there is a danger lurking called 'chores'. Or (in the event that you, like me, work freelance) that you still pick up that urgent assignment. This must be prevented, because time to really recharge is important. Therefore, make a plan of what you want to do during your weeks at home and draw up a budget for it. See inspiration at the bottom of this blog post.

Because yes ; You save money with a staycation . But no ; That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't spend anything at all! Have you always wanted to read all 7 Harry Potter books in a row, but you don't have them at home? Order that trade! Do you want to lie in your inflatable pool in a nice new bikini even though no one sees you? Go for it! Vacation time is the time to treat yourself. And if you were to do that abroad, why not here in our own Netherlands?

Do you want to fill your entire garden with LED lanterns? Doing !

EXTRA TIP : Also record in your plan what is not 'allowed' during your staycation! This way you guard your own boundaries (and those of any holiday companions) and you have a stick behind the door to prevent chores and urgent assignments from creeping in. You can also create a 'holiday pot' and agree that every time someone from your household does something on the blacklist, he/she will make a donation to the pot. You can use the contents of that jar for fun activities.

Amazing staycation activities

Now that you have drawn up a plan and a budget, I would like to give you some inspiration for fun staycation activities inspired by the things I like to do most when I am on vacation. From a candlelit dinner at home to plopping down on a ridiculously beautifully made bed; Many things you like to do on holiday can also be done at home.

Tip 1 - Hotel breakfast buffet

One of the most important things during a holiday for me is food. All day every day . Local specialties and guilty pleasures ; During city trips we stop several times a day at places for a cup of coffee, drink, pastry, drink, you name it . But I think the best thing about eating on holiday is an over-the-top breakfast buffet at a hotel. And let that be something that you can also do at home!

Clear your counter or dining table, do some extra extravagant shopping (buy all the things you normally find too expensive) and make yourself a great breakfast buffet. Scrambled eggs, chocolate croissants, waffles, fresh orange juice and a big pot of coffee. Display it on the table or on your counter, put down a stack of plates and go for a walk!

Tip 2 - Hire someone to do your chores

I know I said you shouldn't do chores while on vacation, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have someone else do them. Because let's be honest: it's a great feeling when overdue projects in and around the house are tackled. But not because of you, because you are on holiday! You can set aside some of your vacation budget to hire a handyman to help cross some items off your to-do list. Then you can put your feet up. And bonus: looking at other people while they are working immediately provides more relaxation ;)

Tip 3 - Make your bed super luxurious

Many hotel beds are not very deep, but oh how beautifully they are always made up. Nice, fresh sheets, a nice bedspread and a whole mountain of pillows. Nothing is nicer than plopping down on top of it after a long day with lots of sun. Try that at home; Get your nicest bedding from the stable, pull out your decorative cushions from everywhere in the house and make your bed beautifully. And while you're at it, put a mint or chocolate on your pillow. In the evening you collapse on a bed that is just as beautiful as in a hotel and that is also like your own bed!

You can also go too far...

What is your favorite home activity?

I could go on and on with ideas for the ultimate staycation , but I'm sure you're full of good plans too! What is your favorite home activity? Leave your ideas in the comments !

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Vera Bertens

The author: Vera Bertens

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    • Saskia
    • July 1, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    Wat een leuke ideeën allemaal. Wij gaan het liefst dingen ondernemen in de vakantie, zoals naar pretparken en dierentuin gaan, maar dat is nu vrij lastig. Hebben wel een groot zwembad in de tuin opgezet dus daar kunnen de kids zich prima in vermaken. Uit eten staat ook altijd op het lijstje en een terrasje pakken. Dat laatste is wat moeilijk nu omdat je moet moet reserveren en dat vind ik dan weer niks. Kunnen wel lekker eten bestellen dus dat gaan we dan af en toe ook doen. Benieuwd met wat voor tips je nog meer komt!

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