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Wonderfully bright colours, bold patterns, eclectic prints, tactile textures, an unmistakable atmosphere steeped in nostalgia. That, in a nutshell, is the dopamine decor trend that is currently dominating Pinterest and Instagram. For those unfamiliar, dopamine is a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger that, when released in the brain, induces feelings of happiness.

What is dopamine decor?

The dopamine decor trend is all about vibrant colors, clashing patterns, maximalism and pure happiness. This trend brings back memories of a carefree childhood, when the bedroom walls were covered with posters of your idols, playful texts, crazy lights and other cozy knick-knacks that evoke a deep sense of pleasure and also a little homesickness.

The vibrancy of color abundance

Similar to kitsch decor, dopamine decor combines the vintage with bold patterns or bright colors to brighten the space with distinctive and sometimes contrasting elements. Using orange, pink, yellow, lime green and cobalt blue in generous amounts lightens up the space and gives you super happy vibes. Adding patterns and textures to a room makes it more vibrant and increases energy levels.

Happlify Crew Member Madame La Poule has everything for your dopamine decor living trend.

Madame La Poule dopamine decor living trend

Stylish applications

For the living room, color accents can be used in furniture such as the console table, a sideboard or a side table. In terms of seating, lounge chairs can have vibrant upholstery or quirky cushions that contrast with the neutral tones of the sofas. Adding playful patterns adds visual interest and a whimsical touch to personal spaces such as bedrooms or dens. Bold geometric designs, floral prints and abstract patterns draw attention and create a sense of movement through wallpaper, floor cushions, rugs, throw pillows and wall finishes.

💡 Side note + tip: when we moved, we transformed the boring existing kitchen into a bright orange showpiece. Something that we have enjoyed for years, our orange kitchen cabinets always make us very happy. You can paint yourself, but we had it done because the costs of a furniture painter are not too bad. We have been using that kitchen for almost 20 years now.

At Happlify Crew Member Houtmoed you will find brightly colored and sustainable eye-catchers for this trend. Nice to combine with cheerful fresh flowers.

Wood courage dopamine decor trend

Flowers and greenery

Speaking of fresh flowers... Don't forget to add an abundance of plants and flowers to your living space. Get nature indoors with lush houseplants. Large ferns, pancake plants and monsteras fit perfectly with the dopamine deco style. These plants not only create a green oasis, but also improve the air quality in your home. Win win!

Plants and flowers

Sustainability and heirlooms

It is interesting to note that dopamine decor is a sustainable approach to interiors. Bringing in vintage, recycled and upcycled pieces gives these antiques new life, whether as furniture or artwork. Framing photos of your loved ones can instantly fill your space with fond memories instead of purchasing impersonal works of art.

Immerse yourself in pleasure

Embrace the dopamine decor trend and add playfulness and fun to your home. Unleash your creativity and create a space that reflects your personality and that you can enjoy every day.

Are you ready to transform your home with the energetic dopamine deco style? Discover the nicest web shops for your home decoration and find the nicest things to decorate your home with dopamine deco.

At Liefs uit Zierikzee you will find super nice posters and Bastaa! beautiful retro cushions.

Bastaa and Love from ZIerikzee

Merry all year round (not just at Christmas)

Make your home a cheerful and energetic space all year round and let the dopamine deco trend inspire you!

Dopamine decor takes you back to happy times, where vibrant colors and playful patterns were the norm. It's time to welcome this joy into your home and create a space that reflects your personality and that you can fully enjoy. So get started and let dopamine decor brighten your home with vibrancy and style.

Dopamine decor is of course incredibly Instagrammable, see #dopaminedecor

Dopamine decor Instagram

Mariko Naber

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