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A birthday is coming up, but you have no idea what to give. You actually want to choose several small gifts and bundle them in one package. But what exactly do you put in there? We have collected several nice gifts that you can give to both men and women.

A gift doesn't have to be expensive

Somehow over the years we have come to think that you can only impress with an expensive gift. That is of course nonsense. Some small, cheap gifts are even more fun to receive than an expensive gift. So don't look at the price of the gift, but at its usefulness. Small gifts are always nice to give. And the advantage is that you can also give more of cheaper gifts.

A good idea, for example, is a bath or shower gift. A good shampoo, a nice scent for the bath or an environmentally friendly soap: it's all possible. Nice gifts don't have to be expensive.

Sustainable soap

Care products

Care products always do well. For less than five euros you can get a nice shower gel, a good-smelling oil or a nice hand cream. You can also give men a cheap aftershave as a gift, while for women you can opt for body cream. Ideal for if you don't want to spend too much on a gift, or if you just don't know what to give.

Nowadays you can also find all kinds of nice sets online. For example, a set with oils, with body butter or a travel kit with care products. Nice, useful products that you can always use. You can find many of these sets for a nice price with anAmazon discount code . Grab the high discounts and you can give even more gifts.

Kitchen accessories

Does your loved one like to cook? Then you can find plenty of nice gifts for under 20 euros. Consider, for example, a barbecue branding iron, with which meat can be marked. Or give a nice mug with a text as a gift. We have even seen a real beer cap gun for the beer-drinking man. They are one of those gifts that you can easily give as a gimmick - or as a useful gift in between. At Trusdeals you will find an entire category with 'food and drinks'.

And do you already know Ototo Design? You will find that at Serious Sugar .

Ototo design - Serious Sugar

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