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Mindlessly scrolling on social media, from one post to the next, just reading the comments *swipe, swipe* - until I can't remember what I was looking for. Did I have a goal? Eh, how long was I busy?! If you recognize this a bit, you are probably ready for a digital detox.

Time flies, the years when you hopped carefree from festival to holiday rumbled by. Suddenly you have the feeling that you have ended up in an eternal 'rat race', you get the feeling that life is really finite and everything is whizzing past you.

Dramatic: yes. Also realistic and since we have that smartphone, we also deliver a lot on average 2 hours a day in on... yes on what exactly?

😱 Fact: we are average in the Netherlands 34 days a year on our mobile phone!

34 days! That is often double the vacation days combined... Do you get scared and do you recognize yourself in the following:

  • there are too few hours in your day
  • sometimes you get the feeling that you are being lived by social media
  • it seems like everyone is always happy, healthy, sporty and in control, except you
  • you don't get happy (anymore) from 'being online'...

What if I told you that you can do something about that? How would it feel if you...

  • reconnect with the people who really matter
  • with all your attention live happier in the now
  • rediscover your creativity
  • more moments of happiness discovered in the little things

Balance is the magic word and with the Digital Detox from Happlify it is easily within reach. Your online time and social media is limited and raked so that it gets a healthy place in your life. In addition, you will receive a large supply of happiness inspiration as a gift!
How digitally addicted are you?

What exactly is the Digital detox?

Happlify Digital Detox What? - Do you feel like more peace of mind, real connection, more creativity and moments of happiness? With the Digital detox from Happlify you tackle your digital life on a personal level. This detox immediately gives you more time that you can spend on much more important things.

At 52 weeks you will receive a detailed weekly email containing:

  • the topic of that week clearly explained
  • practical tips and/or easy challenge with inspiring, clear examples, videos and printables and moreover...
  • it takes you little time
  • no difficult and technical stuff
  • BONUS : large supply happiness inspiration tips

How? - You start the Digital detox by ordering it HERE .

Where does all this come from?

In the 20+ years that I, Happlify founder Mariko Naber , have been working in the world of branding and marketing, I have seen social media come and go. I think it's (almost) all great, got my teeth into everything, know Instagram through and through and used it countless times for Sell your stuff online and our customers.

Despite the fact that I really enjoy social media, I am regularly drowned in it myself: pinning recipes and interior ideas for hours, browsing Facebook, binging the craziest videos on Youtube… On November 14, 2018, I was personally 'done' with Facebook and Twitter. Within a week I erased eight years of joys and sorrows, including all the photos of my digitally socially visible life. I can assure you now, almost 2 years later: it has made me a happier person! And I wish you that too.

Mariko deleted all her social media accounts

You can read more about this process here:

Happlify Digital Detox

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