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When buying a bra, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Think especially about comfort, the right size, the length of the shoulder straps and how it fits under your clothing. The bra should not only fit well, but also provide the necessary support. However, this is not easy. Many women walk around in the wrong bra. Do you want to make sure your bra fits perfectly? Then it is important to know what to look out for. We summarize the main points.

Fit multiple sizes

Have you found a nice Hema bra ? Then it is of course important that you wear the right size. You want to make sure that the bra fits your figure well and at the same time can provide the necessary support. If you are not sure about the size, it is smart to try on several sizes. For example, you could order several sizes online so that you can try them on at home. See the size chart below for an overview.

Handy bra size chart

size chart bra

Always check whether your breasts fall well within the cup. Is the cup a little off your chest or do your breasts come out slightly? Then you don't have the right size.

Are you really not sure? Then go to a special lingerie store and let the employees here inform you. Keep in mind that your breasts can change over the years. For example, under the influence of hormones after you have had children or because you have become older. That is why it is good to measure your breasts at least once every two to three months.

Braces or no braces?

There are bras with and without underwire. Which one you choose mainly depends on your personal preference. The advantage of a bra with underwire is that it offers extra support. However, some women find an underwire bra uncomfortable. They find more comfort in a bra without underwire . So this is very personal. It's best to just try different varieties and see what you feel most comfortable with.

hema bra

The right time to look for a new bra

At times, it's not a good idea to shop for new bras. For example, when you are menstruating at that time. During the 'monthly party' your breasts may be a bit larger and more sensitive. There is a good chance that the bras that fit well at that time will be less comfortable at other times.

How does the bra fit under your clothes?

When trying on new bras, it is also a good idea to see how they look under your clothes. As soon as you try it on, it is therefore good to also put on a shirt or dress. Do your breasts look nice now? Does the bra provide enough support?

Long story short

Tips for buying a bra: pay attention to comfort, correct size, shoulder straps and clothing fit. Try several sizes and make sure your breasts fit well within the cup. Consider braces or not, depending on personal preference. Choose the right time to shop and pay attention to how the bra looks under your clothes. This way you ensure that your bra fits perfectly and offers the necessary support. Have fun shopping!

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