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Have you also noticed that the days are getting lighter? And that the first flowers subtly show their heads above the ground again? I always get very happy as soon as the first signs of spring appear. For me that also means: time to go out. Are you also looking forward to cheerful spring outings? But would you prefer spring outings that don't require you to completely empty your wallet? Then enjoy these 9 spring outings that are completely budget-proof.

Spring outing 1 - Visit a blossom park

We still have to be patient before the blossoms bloom again. But as far as I'm concerned, this is the spring outing. You will probably also discover a beautiful street or park where there are many blossom trees together. Take your camera with you, and if necessary also your picnic basket, and imagine yourself in an almost fairytale-like world.

My personal recommendation? The blossom park at the Amsterdamse Bos. I have never seen so many blossom trees together anywhere in the Netherlands as there.

Blossom Park Amsterdam Spring Outing 2 - Go climbing on the climbing wall

Unfortunately, it is not always all sunshine in spring either. Is there ever a slightly drizzly day? Then it would probably be a nice idea to go to a climbing wall. Even me – not a big hero with exciting sports! – I think that's a fantastic thing to do. You learn to go outside your comfort zone and push your boundaries, but in a fun way. There are climbing walls throughout the Netherlands, so look for a climbing gym near you.

Spring Outing 3 - Try goat yoga

Would you like to try yoga among the running and bleating goats? I understand very well that this is not the perfect weekend activity for everyone. But it seems fantastic to me. Not only yoga is healthy, but so is laughter. So this must be a perfect way to start the morning.

You can do goat yoga at the Amsterdamse Bos or in Kamerik for just over twenty euros. You will also receive a glass of goat's milk as a gift.

Goat yoga Spring Outing 4 - Rent a boat

Everything looks different from the water than when you walk on land. So rent a boat somewhere near you and experience the world floating on the water. You can often choose between a rowing boat, a canoe or a more luxurious electric sloop. It just depends on how much you feel like being sporty.

You can of course also participate in a boat tour. Then you don't have to drive a boat yourself, but you can enjoy beautiful surroundings and a fun water experience.

Spring outing 5 - Dive into the dunes!

A walk through the dune landscape is definitely recommended. Especially during the golden hour, when you see the sun rise or set beautifully. I personally like to go to the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (North Holland) and the Loonse and Drunense Duinen (Brabant), although I don't think anything can match the Texel dunes. But actually every dune area has something.

Don't leave your camera or Instax camera at home if you're walking around during sunset or sunrise. The view is too beautiful not to capture.

Dune walk Scheveningen
Spring Outing 6 - Go to a butterfly garden

This is one of my favorite spring outings. You often only pay a few euros for the entrance, but you will be amazed. In a butterfly garden the most beautiful butterflies fly around, you can admire them up close and imagine yourself in some kind of tropical Valhalla. But one that you don't have to get on a plane for.

There are butterfly gardens throughout the country. For example, I personally thought Vlinders aan de Vliet in Leidschendam was very beautiful. But the most beautiful butterfly gardens can also be found far outside the Randstad.

Spring Outing 7 - Visit a flea market

Yes, we can go second-hand hunting again! While in the winter you can almost be blown away when you browse the stalls outside, in the spring the weather is often perfect for this. Flea markets or second-hand clothing markets are the place to unearth beautiful finds that less than half of the Netherlands already has.

And is it a bit too chilly to walk past stalls outside? Then you can of course also try your luck in a second-hand store nearby. Besides the thrift store (always good!), I love Appel & Ei. There you will find real second-hand gems and you can also sell clothes that you have left over from your recent spring cleaning.

Browse the flea market Spring Outing 8 - Enjoy a bike ride and picnic

There's almost nothing like feeling the wind going through your hair on a bike. Especially when that wind is a lovely spring breeze. And especially if you have a well-filled picnic basket with you to satisfy your hunger later.

So: take your bike instead of the car or bus, explore your surroundings on your two-wheeler, and afterwards enjoy a well-deserved picnic with homemade snacks. It won't cost you much more than a few groceries, but it is a wonderful outing in the spring.

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picnic 2022
Spring Outing 9 - Fly a kite on the beach

Isn't that the ultimate activity that takes you straight back to your childhood? This is the best way to feel the strong spring wind and enjoy spring uninhibitedly again. A nice spring outing for which you only need some wind and a kite. Don't have a kite yet? This rainbow kite will give you hours of fun.

What are your favorite spring outings?

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