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Yes, October 4 is 'normal' animal day again in 2020. Chances are we've all seen our animals a little more often this year. With the lockdown it was nice to walk a functional round with your four-legged friend. And with a cat in the house, loneliness is just a little more bearable. We should therefore put our animals in the spotlight. That's why no fewer than seven fun ideas to surprise your furbaby on the upcoming Animal Day.

Idea 1 - DIY a fun...ball pool!

When autumn kicks in and it gets dark faster in the evening, making your own is a welcome activity again. There is a lot of beautiful and fun things for sale for animals, see also some great tips below, but you can also make something fun yourself. How about a fun toy, ball pit or healthy sweets? Check out all the collected DIY ideas on this Happy Animal Day pinboard .

Idea 2 - Gift a safe place

Playing with your cat is important, but it's just as important as a safe place of your own. At Ik meauw van you you can score countless nice and beautiful design cat holes. We would like to highlight two of them here. MYZOO's Spaceship Gamma, for example, is a very special cat furniture. The transparent window provides not only a safe environment for your cat, but also an extra large view. The material and the curvature act as a kind of magnifying glass. In addition to the opening on the side, the spaceship also has four air holes for extra ventilation. Available in 2 color variants and with the opening on the right or left side. Spaceship Gamma is available at I meow yours - €124,95

Cat furniture MYZOO Spaceship Range

Are you looking for something more that you can expand step by step? Then go for the Katt3 Cat Tipi. That is a beautiful felt tipi that you can use separately or as an addition to the other beautiful Katt3 cat house parts. The Katt3 cat house is a concept that consists of separate blocks with which you can build a true play paradise for your cat. By combining the cubes in different ways, endless variations are possible. You can also order the Katt3 Cat Tipi at I meow yours - €34,95

Katt3 Cat Tipi

Idea 3 - Get some fresh air

Take your dog (or the neighbour's) one extra time to the forest, beach or field and let him/her romp around. Bring a ball or other toy for extra fun.
You can also air an indoor cat on a leash or in a special carrying bag. Don't assume that your cat will like it very much right away. Let him or her get used to it here. It is best to start with this when the cat is still young, but if you start with small steps, you should be able to take your cat out into nature.

Animal Day 2020

Idea 4 - Give the birds dessert too

Why should you only think about pets on October 4? We can also spoil the birds outside a bit. For example with Dessert for Birds, bird food ice creams. How fun! Hang them on your balcony edge, in the tree or on the wall and enjoy nature.

Each ice cream is covered with a thick layer of crunchy seeds that many garden birds love. Each flavor of 'ice cream' consists of a mix of various types of seeds and kernels and therefore attracts different types of birds. You may even discover a new bird in your yard that you haven't noticed before. You can order Dessert for Birds at Maison Koos - €14.95 per 2 pieces .


Idea 5 - Book a photo shoot

Your pet is your best friend and of course you take a picture with friends. Now you can have a selfie session at home, but there are nice photographers all over the country who can immortalize you together beautifully (!). For example, you can go to Shoots & more. There they know that sitting still or listening is usually not an option, but a little photographer knows how to handle that. One thing is certain: you will get spontaneous photos! Dog, cat, parrot or rabbit, Shoots & more has you covered! Pets photo shoot gift - €49,-

Pets photoshoot gift

Idea 6 - Cupcakes for your... dog

Yes, you read that right. At Doggi they make cakes, donuts, cookies, candies and cupcakes especially for dogs. These delicious dog cupcakes can not be missed at a dog party. It is a very nice and original gift for dogs. The cupcakes are freshly prepared daily and contain no preservatives. You can keep the cupcakes out of the fridge for 1 week. Do you want to keep the dog cupcakes longer? Then you can freeze it. Available at Bol.com - €22.95

Dog Cupcake mix - 6 pieces

Idea 7 - A memory forever

Although we don't want to think about it, the day will come when you have to say goodbye to your furry boyfriend. If it's hard for you to say goodbye, a memory in the form of an animal ashes pendant is a very nice idea. The loss does not diminish, but the pleasant memory of your favorite pet will always remain close by. Something Beautiful For You has tons of ash hangers to choose from. You can order this silver ash pendant Kluif for €42.50

Animal ash pendant dog, bone
Tell! What is your plan October 4th? Let us know with a nice comment.

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