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We all know that friendship is important. It is not without reason that there is even an International Day of Friendship. That's on July 30th. Some things are just more fun to do with a good friend. But friendship is more than that. These are 5 reasons why true friendship is so important.

Friendship, that's why it's so important!

We live in a time when almost everyone has dozens or even hundreds of 'friends' on social media. But real friendship is of course different from responding to each other's Instagram posts. True friendship is much more about being there for each other. Physically or online. A true friend supports you when you are having a hard time, but also cheers with you when you achieve something great. And vice versa of course.

It has been shown many times that friends are good for your happiness. They are there to give you an arm around you, a shoulder to cry on or – every now and then – a loving kick in the ass. But true friendship is also very valuable for the following 5 reasons.

Reason 1 - You learn from your friends

You learn new things every day throughout your life. Also from your friends. And they love you. There are always situations where you can use some wise advice. For example, if you are not feeling well, if you have doubts about a great opportunity or if you are struggling with a difficult dilemma. It helps to discuss it with someone who knows you well. Your friend may not see the barriers that you do and can hold up just the mirror you need.

But even if you're not having a hard time, you can learn from your friends. Maybe you have a friend who is great at relaxing, while you go through life like a restless whirlwind. Or maybe your best friend is much more outgoing than you are and sometimes pushes you out of your comfort zone. The differences between you are a great learning experience in themselves. For both sides, by the way.

Reason 2 - Friends give you a boost

You too probably doubt yourself sometimes. Can you take on that new challenge? Are you good enough for the person you are dating? And are you doing well as a parent/partner/child/colleague? True friends support you when you doubt yourself. They have already seen what you have to offer and know that you are good enough. A friend can, like no other, remove your doubts and encourage you to go for it. And the great thing is: sometimes you don't need anything else to take steps than that one last push from a friend.

Reason 3 - You can vent with friends

Talking is a relief. In fact, sometimes a good conversation is all you need to get rid of annoying thoughts. You only have to tell what happened in scents and colors, and you may immediately feel ten kilos lighter. Venting your heart prevents stress and endless worrying. Also because someone else can often put your thoughts into perspective better than you can. And of course, venting is the best thing to do with a friend who you trust completely.

Reason 4 - With friends you keep memories alive

I have to admit: there are things that I just prefer to do with someone else. I usually enjoy myself alone, but sitting alone in a restaurant is less my thing. The same applies to visiting the cinema, taking a city trip or cooking an extensive dinner. Then I prefer that the spot opposite me is occupied by a nice friend. Nothing is as nice as sharing beautiful moments with someone else. If only because you can keep the memories alive together.

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Reason 5 - You have friends for life

Your life changes. You change. And people come and go in your life. Your colleagues change when you change jobs. Your neighbors will probably not live next to you for the rest of your life. There's a good chance that you're no longer together with the person you kissed at a school party in seventh grade. Your friends experience you in different phases. You experience beautiful and sad things together and also go through special phases together. Friends can be that one stable factor during all those exciting changes.

Sometimes it's just a nice idea that - even if everything changes - you at least have the same great friends to fall back on. That immediately makes change less significant. Not everything changes; you still have each other. American research (conducted over a period of 19 years) shows that many people still have their friends from university even decades later. Even if those friends now live miles apart, that doesn't detract from their friendship.

So you may have friends for life. That alone makes friendship more than worth investing time, effort and energy.

What is the best thing that friendship has brought you?

Romy Veul

The author: Romy Veul

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