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Are you also a snoozer? Do you also push the alarm away at least three times before you finally roll out of bed and still not feel awake at all? Then it's high time for some new routines in your life. The good news is that it doesn't have to take much extra time! Here are three simple life-changing tips for you that will not only wake you up, but also make you more energetic, positive and healthier. Who would not want that?!

Tip 1 - Shower cold

The number one priority is cold showering! You really don't have to spend the entire time under an ice-cold stream, taking a cold shower for the last minute is already extremely healthy. Moreover, you will be awake immediately, guaranteed!

Medical researcher Geert Buijze from the AMC investigated how healthy cold showers are. More than 3,000 subjects participated in the study, half of whom took a cold shower every morning for a month and the other half simply had a warm shower. The result was that 29% of the cold showerers reported sick less often than the hot showerers. They felt sick less often and were much fitter and more energetic than before. We still don't know exactly what cold does to the body. It's still a mystery. According to Buijze: “We cannot explain exactly what happens to resistance at cell level. But the cold has a neurobiological effect on the body,” he explains. “You activate the sympathetic nervous system: you actually turn on, very briefly, your fight-or-flight response. The shivers in your body release stress hormones.”

Now chronic stress is not healthy, being constantly stimulated without relaxing is not good for you. But a short-term peak of stress, alternated with relaxation, is very healthy. Which explains the positive effect of cold showers.

They exist: people who voluntarily take a cold shower. Source: Quest.nl

Tip 2 - Make your bed

Make your bed, and always start the day productively. Give yourself a simple task at the start of the day, complete it and you will immediately have a clear intention for the hours that follow.

Admiral William H. McRaven wrote a book in 2017 entitled 'Make Your Bed' . He spoke at the University of Texas graduation ceremony in 2014. There he talked about how his training as a Navy SEAL has helped him be more successful and happier throughout his life. His speech went viral and was viewed more than ten million times. In his book he tells more about the principles that have benefited him not only in his military career, but also beyond it. With fun examples and wise lessons, he shows that discipline and perseverance are within reach for everyone. How do you get more out of yourself, take on challenges and overcome setbacks? Start the day by making your bed. Make your bed - €12.99 available at Bol.com

Tip 3 - Wake up yoga

Start every day with about 10 minutes of stretching. Yoga in the morning is the solution if you have difficulty getting started in the morning. If you do this in the morning, you will enjoy it all day long.

Extra tip - Leave your phone out of the bedroom

Do you use your cell phone as an alarm clock? Then that should be the only function of your phone in the bedroom. From now on, you can use the time you spend on your mobile to sleep, make your bed and do those 11 minutes of yoga!

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Mariko Naber

The author: Mariko Naber

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